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Fupaball Drill A Free Online Game
Fupaball Drill
Galaxy Shifter A Free Online Game
Galaxy Shifter
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hook attack
Paramour 4 A Free Online Game
Paramour 4
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Word Wrustler
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Invasion of the Balloons

Online crazy Games
Dr. Stone Age Game

Plays: 5428
Category: Education Games
Dr.Stone Age is training brain game like PC game 'Crazy machine'. Use your brain and hunt the boar with many tools and utilities. There are 40 stages include 3 tutorials are for free and 60 premium stage ,whch you can buy in shop.
Crazy Flasher 3 Game

Plays: 5418
Category: Fighting Games
One of the best Flash fighting games ever!
Truck Trial Game

Plays: 5384
Category: Driving Games
Jump in a big trial truck and get ready for a crazy race over mountains and other obstacles. Keep the truck balanced to get to the finish.
Mobile World Cup Juggle! Game

Plays: 5351
Category: Sports Games
Prove your country is the best at futbol / soccer! Just touch or click the ball into the air and try to keep away from your hot crazy fans. This game is designed for Android 2.2 mobile phones with Flash support. Play hundreds of free flash games on your Android mobile phone! Check us out!
Clinic Escape Game

Plays: 5328
Category: Action Games
You have to escape the looney bin! You can pick up and throw various items at the clinic staff. Each item has its own damage power. You can increase your strength by killing enemies and therefore pick up and throw big items. Hold UP or DOWN when throwing to affect the direction. Use madness to break through the enemies. Note that madness makes you invulnerable and stuns enemies, however you cannot kill enemies in madness mode. Be careful, your madness reserve is limited. Use items to destroy doors.
Stunt Crazy Game

Plays: 5285
Category: Action Games
Become a world famous stunt man in this smashing, destruct-em-up. Destroy 24 film sets, make the news, win awards and put on stunt shows. Inspired by Burnout (xbox/ps) Crash Mode. Destroy as much as possible, become president of the world, upgrade your car, unlock new cars, 4 film genres and hours of gameplay. Reviewed on and awarded badges on Kongregate. One of our most successful games to date with over 11 million plays!
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Game

Plays: 5275
Category: Action Games
Sequel to the great guitar rhythm game, 14 songs, 6 guitars and a crazy stickman!
Crazy Penguin Game

Plays: 5244
Category: Puzzles Games
One crazy penguin is fond of ice-diving. But sometimes he does it wrong. Help him to get into the water!
Coconutz on the Beach Game

Plays: 5189
Category: Action Games
Great nuts of fire! This tropical sling-shot game rewards good aim and feeling for distance. Grab the nut, pull back and release. Can you hit the bulls-eye?

Plays: 5187
Category: Sports Games
Try to ride the wild horse ! The American Rodeo needs a hero that can stick his mouse to a crazy horse.
Crazy Taxi 3D Game

Plays: 5169
Category: Driving Games
Racing game where a taxi needs to avoid traffic to reach its destination, it can jump over cars but not trucks
Space Rush Game

Plays: 5157
Category: Driving Games
Tappi Bear, prepare your ejector and jump into the meteorite space! Yes Sir!! How far can you reach? How many donuts can you get? Dodge the crazy meteorite shower and your Tappi friends, start off your great space adventure!
Crazy Hangover Game

Plays: 5110
Category: Adventure Games
After the big party, now the hangover. A hilarious game of point and click, featuring funny incidents and peculiar characters.
Sponge Bob Takes a Shower Game

Plays: 5107
Category: Puzzles Games
Sponge bob Square Pants takes a shower and you must find right pieces and see crazy picture of sponge bob ... More games on
Ebb Game

Plays: 5107
Category: Puzzles Games
You don't quite know why you're still stuck watching this boiler. Your boss threw you down here – why did you ever get employed as a mad scientist's minion anyway? – and told you that your only job was to keep the crazy thing from overloading. Now you're trying desperately to stop it from blowing in your face, ending your career, your boss' project, and quite possibly the world.
Bratz Coloring Game

Plays: 5092
Category: Dress-Up Games
bratz coloring game mode is crazy
Coupon Crazy Game

Plays: 5064
Category: Action Games
Race to get all the coupons at the supermarket.
Wild Wild Taxi Game

Plays: 5059
Category: Action Games
Grab your wheel, tear through the highway and taste the excitement of unlimited speed as you aboard the Wild Wild Taxi! In this game, your goal is to reach the target distance within the given time limit. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to dodge other vehicles and cross the lines, press the up arrow key for acceleration, hold the down arrow button if you have to slow down, and use the Spacebar to jump over the obstacles. Each level has its specific requirements of driving distance and time limit, and you have to reach the destination as indicated by a red flag on the roadside before the time runs out, or you will lose. If you hit other cars on the road your speed will reduce drastically, so better hurdle off them in the wild frantic race and come out victorious!
Dummy Crusher 2 Game

Plays: 5026
Category: Action Games
Cause destruction and mayhem in this action packed sequel! Dummy Crusher 2 is here, and it's absolutely crazy! Everything about it is improved, from the amount of action on screen to the variety of weapons you have! You can even control a heat seeking bee. That's pretty rad in my book. Can you beat all the levels in this challenging game? Good luck!
60 Seconds of Super Crazy Balls Game

Plays: 4961
Category: Action Games
Test your reflexes and your concentration in this game developed for the Mochi contest 60 Seconds to Fame. You have 60 seconds or less to get as many points as possible, only the most skilled players can succeed.

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Tips: When using the Multiple Opponents option you must create an SWF where each frame is a different opponent. It will detect how many frames you have and randomly choose one each time they spawn. Each individual frame can have it's own independant animating movieclip inside.