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Mech Wars 5000
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Online crazy Games
CrazyLand Game

Plays: 3543
Category: Action Games
You are at CrazyLand a place where very stranger creatures can kill or help you. Just hit as many enimies as possible. You have 5 lives
Max Adrenaline Game

Plays: 3539
Category: Action Games
Extreme sports maniac Max Adrenalin is up for some amazing stunts, he's crazy enough to ride his bmx on rollercoasters! Make sick jumps on dazzling heights and perform unreal tricks and stunts. Link them in a combo as long as you can, especially when in a boost. And don't forget to scare away the birds by ringing your bell.
Wacky Weirdos on the Run Game

Plays: 3526
Category: Action Games
In this game a group of wacky weirdos have escaped from their prison cells heading towards the city to bring terror so it's up to you to stop them with your gun and bombs before they turn the city into a disaster area
Annoying Sharks Game

Plays: 3512
Category: Strategy Games
Crazy surfer tries to get past this ocean filled with sharks. Will you help him or feed him to the sharks ?
Letters Catch Game

Plays: 3503
Category: Puzzles Games
Collect flying, moving, jumping and going crazy letters to gather different words.
Ti Ta To Game

Plays: 3499
Category: Puzzles Games
The classic tic tac toe puzzle game meets a japanese game show.
Crazy Cut Snail Game

Plays: 3493
Category: Action Games
Crazy Cut Snail is a simple casual game (only one purpose - Cut Snail!) On the screen will continue out of Snail --- before they fall quickly solutions to them! But do not Kandao feces can splash your body Oh!
Alex's cat Game

Plays: 3452
Category: Action Games
This crazy kitty is starving. Help him to get some mice to live on. With every mouse your kitty will be fatter and slower. There are different kinds of mice: toxic mouse, mouse-magisian, mouse with bombs. Let's have fun!
Animal Magic Maker Game

Plays: 3450
Category: Dress-Up Games
Use the Animal Maker to mix and match pieces from various animals to create your own crazy creature.
BadCat: 7 lives Game

Plays: 3433
Category: Action Games
Kill BadCat using leiser beams, machineguns, ice, dynamite and more into this crazy violent game, brought to you as a daily update for a whole week, by! Enjoy!
Crazy Squirrel Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Action Games
Use left and right arrows or your mouse to move squirrel. Catch the nuts (50 points), cones (100 points) and leafs (200 points and 1 more life) Beware of stones Try to hold out as long as you can
Oink Bunk Game

Plays: 3424
Category: Action Games
Very entertaining, fast paced game with nice graphics and unique controls.
Maniac Rider Game

Plays: 3421
Category: Action Games
Get ready for manic rider, a crazy and super fast uphill bike game with some extreme levels to master. Make sure to practice a couple of times, the tracks are wicked but dangerous!
The Simpsons Bart and the Ritalin Game

Plays: 3416
Category: Action Games
Bart is under the effect of ritalin and its making crazy stuffs !
Crazy Race Arena Game

Plays: 3415
Category: Action Games
Your goal is to destroy the other car. Destroy the boxes and collect points!
Crazy Snakes 2 Game

Plays: 3409
Category: Action Games
Crazy Snakes is a fun game set in the hot deserts of Mexico. Here, you must blast the snakes using your trusty mallet and cannons. Purpose of this game: In this game you must shoot the snakes using your cannons before they shoot you with their guns. How to play: Position your character behind a cannonl and hit it with your hammer to fire. Adjust the angle according to how far the snakes are.
Offroaders 2 Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Action Games
Offroaders the sequel, more jumps, bigger tracks and even more all terrain racing action. Upgrade your truck, buy new trucks and race against opponents in some crazy stunt courses.
TAOFEWA - Skeletal Mummy Hunt Game

Plays: 3384
Category: Action Games
This TAOFEWA Chibi action adventure is a comical battle game with spells and fighting upgrades. You must fight crazy mutated plants and animals before you can take on the evil Mummy Lord with your chibi skeleton warrior.
Freakout Blocks Game

Plays: 3379
Category: Strategy Games
Use the cursor to dodge the blocks for 20+ seconds and then watch for the freaky surprise!
Test Your Inner Gamer Game

Plays: 3377
Category: Action Games
Continue on this journey and challenge your gaming skills through several mini-games to see if you are the ultimate gamer. Test your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and fate to prove yourself worthy of existence.

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.