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plane fighter crazy fight
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Online crazy Games
Cone Crazy 2 Game

Plays: 8229
Category: Action Games
The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds to clock up the points, but be careful of trees, potholes and lamp posts. Don't drive like this at home! Leaderboard Enabled.
2ne1 inspired dress up game Game

Plays: 8191
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up the girl with funky clothes
Zombie Taxi 2 Game

Plays: 8183
Category: Action Games
The follow up to the hit Zombie Taxi. More Modes, new Zombies, More cars, VIPs, more fun!
Crazy Monkey Spin VT Game

Plays: 8120
Category: Action Games
Go Bananas! Jump and spin through many levels of hilarious fun as you rescue captured animals in this wacky zoo adventure!
Maus Trap Game

Plays: 8084
Category: Puzzles Games
Peanut the mouse has found her self trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy and dangerous machinery. Help her to escape!
Disco Style Game

Plays: 8000
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up like the 70's with a modern twist and look great for a crazy 70's disco party!
Crazy taxi be Game

Plays: 7961
Category: Action Games
Drive the taxi using the maximum possible speed. Press the arrow keys to dodge other cars, accelerate and decelerate, and press the spacebar to jump over them.
Crazy Parking Game

Plays: 7944
Category: Action Games
The roads are getting crazy and the parking even crazier! Carefully drive your car through the twists and turns and safely park your car. Show off your skills!
Crazy Car Race Game Game

Plays: 7919
Category: Action Games
Crazy Car Race Game, Racing and Driving Cars Games
Crazy Go Nuts 2: Mini Game

Plays: 7910
Category: Action Games
Play the faster, wilder version of Crazy Go Nuts! With 8 shots to clear the board, you'll need to master the bonuses and multipliers to earn the gold medal!
Kill those ponies Game

Plays: 7810
Category: Shooting Games
"Ponies! Ponies everywhere on the Internet! I can not take it anymore! Time to shoot to kill! Oh no! Fans of little ponies are coming! They won't let me shoot! I have to stop them or they may talk me out of my insanity!" Sounds crazy? Well this is pretty much what the game is about! This game is a parody of that popular show with little ponies which involve lots of guns and blood. The game is hi-score based and uses a cover/change weapon/reload mechanic inspired by the popular "Time Crisis" series. Features 4 different weapons: handgun, machine gun, shotgun, and grenade. All graphics used in this game are based on "that pony show", but redrawn in a different art style. No art from the parodied material was used.
Kidnap The Line Dancer Game

Plays: 7772
Category: Action Games
You are a clown in a circus, which is crazy in love with the line dancers. However, they are hard to get, so you need to kidnap them.

Plays: 7688
Category: Action Games
Can you beat 8 highly specialized robots with your lightning fast reactions in this crazy paced quick draw robot game?
Monster Trucks Nitro Game

Plays: 7621
Category: Driving Games
Drive massive Monster trucks over crazy cool tracks
TAOFEWA - Peonys Crazy Potions Game

Plays: 7492
Category: Action Games
Try a unique potion brewing game with the female Ninja character Peony from TAOFEWA. Create your own unique potions by mixing different ingredients, and enjoy the show as the Chibi version of Peony from TAOFEWA try the potions you create.
Banana Split 16 Game

Plays: 7455
Category: Dress-Up Games
Crazy Slider Puzzle with with a nutty Character that plays along!
Moto Trial Fest 2: Desert Pack Game

Plays: 7391
Category: Action Games
New levels pack for great racing game Moto Trial Fest 2. Try your moto trial riding skills in the heat desert! Complete 12 crazy trial levels, get achievements and enter to the top moto trial racers ranking board.
Crazy Helicopter Game

Plays: 7384
Category: Driving Games
Your helicopteris at risk. Safe your helicopter from destruction!
Find The Things Game

Plays: 7370
Category: Puzzles Games
Jazzy Jennifer the sqwonkey really doesn't know how to keep her office tidy. Try and find the things she needs from the crazy little mess!
Apollo Crazy Rocket Game

Plays: 7288
Category: Driving Games
Guide your crazy rocket in a way that you don't hit any obstacles and walls

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