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Online crazy Games
Super Duck Adventure Game

Plays: 1785
Category: Action Games
Trippy game where distraction and hyper-flashing are the main attraction.
Crazy Motorcycle AX100 Game

Plays: 1785
Category: Driving Games
Motorcycle fun game, have a scoreboard for competition users, remember to keep the bike wheelie mode to accelerate. by
Shoot Crazy Birds Game

Plays: 1784
Category: Shooting Games
These crazy birds are coming to destroy the fort. You must shoot all of them down to protect the fort!
Crazy Bat Game

Plays: 1781
Category: Action Games
Alert! You are attacked! Angry bats have invaded your dungeons! Use different weapons and your skills to defeat your enemies. 4 games in one: bat'n'ball, shoot'em up, arcade and cards. 60 levels with 8 enemies and 8 trophies to unlocked.
Crazy Atv Stunts Game

Plays: 1779
Category: Driving Games
Ride your ATV bike in this crazy stunt game. Score more points with exciting levels to finish. You have limited lives. Enjoy the ride!
Ice Cream Crazy Game

Plays: 1766
Category: Puzzles Games
Here you can find out how you can cook your own crazy ice cream, using milk, eggs, strawberry, vanilla cream and other delicious ingredients. Add some yummy decorations and there you have, a refreshing ice cream. Enjoy!
Crazy Bike Ride Game

Plays: 1759
Category: Adventure Games
Drive your bike on top of mountain high, try not to crash and move into the next level.
Hero Mouse Adventure v2 Game

Plays: 1758
Category: Action Games
You're a Great hero that was called for a quest from the kingdom of sky; the quest will be filled with danger on every turn, crazy monsters, and The Dragon lord! Can you hold your stance and fight to save the princess of sky?
Crazy Motorcycle 1 Game

Plays: 1754
Category: Action Games
Crazy driving in the ruins of the city!

Plays: 1748
Category: Action Games
SCGMD is back! There are 55 achievements, 14 guitars, over 15 songs, and some extra hidden challenges! We hope you enjoy it!
Fruit Snatcher Game

Plays: 1743
Category: Action Games
Nilmerg is a creature who loves fruits but is too lazy to get them himself. Help him on his crazy plan to steal the fruits from birds who carry them.
Manicure Salon Game

Plays: 1740
Category: Customize Games
You are crazy about nail art and you want to become a manicure stylist one day? Then prove your skills in our cool game! Imagine you own a fancy nail salon and show your talents by making the hands of your clients look fantastic! She is a stylish girl who wants to look impeccable, so don't disappoint her! Choose the nail polish you like best, some cool stickers and hand accessories and make sure everything looks perfect in the end. Enjoy!
Cursed Dream Game

Plays: 1737
Category: Action Games
A leaf was sleeping the day away. While the sun shined on the leaf and as the wind slowly blew on the leaf putting it deeper and deeper into a great sleep. As the days passed by and Fall began to come, the leaf started to have one crazy unforgettable nightmare, that this leaf will not forget.
Crazy Water Droplets Game

Plays: 1737
Category: Puzzles Games
Click on the drop, and it can split when it's full. To eliminate all the drops with the least clicks!
Street Racer SX3 Game

Plays: 1734
Category: Action Games
Dodge incoming traffic and collect gas in this crazy street racing game!
Beach Crazy Game

Plays: 1733
Category: Action Games
Drive beach buggys and boats and perform crazy stunts in this summer-themed version of Stunt Crazy. Use your stunt rocket and crash bomb to good effect to get around even if you lose your wheels or you are in a boat out of water. Collect all the stunt reels and smash up as much stuff as possible to progress to the next level. Earn enough cash and you can buy yourself a new car! 8 beach themed levels and 6 cars to unlock.
Crazy Ice cream Game

Plays: 1727
Category: Other Games
What would you say of a fresh ice cream, in a hot day of summer? Well those days of summer are just around the corner, and we must prepare ourselves. Here you can find out how you can cook your own crazy ice cream, using milk, eggs, strawberry, vanilla cream and other delicious ingredients. Add some yummy decorations and there you have, a refreshing ice cream. Enjoy!
The Way of the Exploding Cow - Milk Crisis Game

Plays: 1722
Category: Shooting Games
Milk the cows, shoot the aliens trying to steal them. Simple game, gets crazy!
Stunt Crazy Challenge Pack 1 Game

Plays: 1720
Category: Action Games
New and improved, quick-fire version of Stunt Crazy. Go for the best score over the 4 stunt courses with a fully powered up car! Drive your car and smash up 4 film sets over 4 different genres, including Sci-fi, Western, Horror and Fantasy. Register at to challenge your friends.
Slag and the Snarlies Game

Plays: 1719
Category: Dress-Up Games
Slag wasn't crazy initially about having three fairy godmothers following her around all the time. But after turning her preppy wide-eyed style into a hard-nosed emo punk, she suddenly got the idea to start a fantasy rock band. Here is Slag & the Snarlies!

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