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Online crazy Games
Crazy Monsters Game

Plays: 3213
Category: Shooting Games
Crazy monsters is a fun and addicting alien blasting first person shooter. Blast away those crazy alien monsters, while unlocking all the hidden upgrades and beating the current high score.
Insane Marbles Game

Plays: 3209
Category: Action Games
Your brain just got fried, rendering you insane. You must collect your marbles to regain your sanity!
Crazy Eggs Game

Plays: 3191
Category: Action Games
Hi everyone.. I'm Volkan Dagdelen and this is my second game "Crazy Eggs". "Crazy Eggs" is very sweet cartoon cathing game. I hope you like Have fun...
Crazy Balloon Game

Plays: 3189
Category: Education Games
Chinese version.
Jeaver, delivery service Game

Plays: 3182
Category: Puzzles Games
Quickly!! the machines in the post office are going crazy. Help Jeaver to deliver the Valentine gifts in the fan mailbox. Press the space bar to release the gifts and try to avoid the crazy post office robots.
Amusement Park Wedding Game

Plays: 3177
Category: Dress-Up Games
You are a wedding planner and your client wants to do her wedding at somewhere unique and crazy! You came up with the crazy idea of having a wedding at the amusement park and your client loves it!! Now the planning will begin! Start with planning with what the bride will wear. Just imagine all the funky possibilities you can have at this amusement park wedding!
Crazy demolition Game

Plays: 3177
Category: Action Games
Crazy demolition is a extremal racing game. The first part of the great crazy race battle game! Select one of the cars and win a crazy race battle. Do you think you have what it takes to win the opponent? You must destroy your opponent's car in race-battle before they destroy yours. Crazy demolition delivers the same kind of clutch-your-seat, adrenaline-charged action of a heart-stopping! Good luck
Brainless Monkey Rampage Game

Plays: 3156
Category: Action Games
Are you sick and tired of seeing tourists everywhere? Play as the crazy monkey who's gone bananas and help him decapitate everything in sight! Whether its in asia, canada or the u.s.a, witness the rise of the apes!Complete objectives and buy new attacks to make it even more viceral!
Snap'n'Bounce Game

Plays: 3155
Category: Puzzles Games
Simply try and collect all the keys in this short game, it's not as easy as it looks. A small game to be played calmly aiming for as few mouseclicks, and wall bounces as possible, or just relax and let the little ball bounce away like crazy against the walls, it might just be the fastest way to finish the level :o)
Crazy Armadillo Game

Plays: 3146
Category: Action Games
Help the crazy armadillo to find the way to the wonderful beaches, because he needs holiday.
Intensub 2 Game

Plays: 3140
Category: Action Games
Second edition of the great underwater shooter game. Blow the ships out of the water with your little sub while you try to stay alive. Lots of health, shield and missile powerups. Intense game - Intense music. Plug in and play!
Expand It Game

Plays: 3138
Category: Puzzles Games
Click to expand these crazy shapes! Solve fun puzzles and use the physics of growth to get shapes above the line! You'll click so much you go bonkers!
Dress up crazy monkey Game

Plays: 3136
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this crazy monkey and make him proud of his styling. Make sure to pick craziest sheeparcade styling and most importantly, enjoy the game!
Killing Road Game

Plays: 3122
Category: Action Games
Drive a motorcycle armed to the teeth with all sorts of crazy weapons! Killing Road is an intense shooting game where you must drive your way to survival! Earn tons of upgrades and weapons, including a flame thrower for the back of your bike! You can even get blades on the side! How long can you survive?
Crazy Candy Girls Dress Up Game

Plays: 3115
Category: Customize Games
This girl is crazy about her candy, since all candy is sweet and colourful, you should try to make the girls outfit match her desires for candy. There are plenty of things you can try on, there are sun glasses, dresses, tops and bottoms. Don't forget to put some candy in the girls hand so to finish of the brightly colored outfit.
Crazy Cube Game

Plays: 3110
Category: Puzzles Games
Hard education cube game
Crazy Ride 2 Game

Plays: 3108
Category: Driving Games
Crazy ride is back with its wicked truck and even more devilishly fun loop-the-loops!
Crazy Wallpaper 2 Game

Plays: 3105
Category: Puzzles Games
Get lost in this crazy wallpaper. Try your skill at this hidden object game!
Marksman Championship Game

Plays: 3086
Category: Action Games
Play as peg legged Lee who enjoys to shoot targets while traveling to different parts of the world. See if you can get all gold medals and compete against others for the best score.
Jungle Rumble Game

Plays: 3086
Category: Action Games
Try to bounce the sheep back with this crazy caveman. His intentions are to use the sheep to get the cookies that are dropping down from the sky. Its your job to make sure this poor sheep is save and doesnt crash on the ground.. A free funny game, with a prehistoric background :)

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Tips: For a scope shot game you can go to Gameplay and enable Ghost to remove player/enemy collisions. Use invincible if you don't want enemy fire to hit your scope either.