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  Space Turret Defense A Free Online Game
Defence of New York A Free Online Game
Defence of New York
Shark Attack A Free Online Game
Shark Attack
lets do this A Free Online Game
lets do this
Defend The World A Free Online Game
Defend The World
Snipe The Spider A Free Online Game
Snipe The Spider
Schadenfreude Collection A Free Online Game
Schadenfreude Collection
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What is Pulado?

Build In A Browser -- For Free

There is no download required. Just log into Pulado and start building your game in our web based interface. You will be able to make your own flash games in as little as 5 minutes. All for free!

No code required!

You will not have to write a single line of code to build games using Pulado. We have done all the hard work on the back end coding. You can choose a bunch of options to combine together to make your ultimate game.

Prototype, Publish, and Preview

The changes you make to your game take place instantly. Every time you make a change you can play your game and instantly see your change in action. There are no wait times for something to compile. This allows you to rapidly prototype games in real time. For the win!

Download, Share, and Distribute

Pulado provides an arcade platform for people to find and play your games. Additionally, we provide you the tools you need to distribute and monetize your own game. You can link to your game on our site, you can embed your game on other sites, and you can download and distribute your game in SWF (Flash 8) format anywhere on the web!

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You Bring The Idea and We Provide The Rest

The Pulado game wizard has a large collection of graphics, sounds, and music which you can mash up together to create the game you have always wanted to create. Our collection of assets is always expanding and you can add your own assets to the community as well. Additionally, we provide a very wide variety of game templates which you can start your game from instead of starting from scratch.

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Rapid Prototyping

If you are an artist or flash developer who would like to rapidly prototype game ideas without writing a single line of code our Pulado engine is for you. You can upload your own graphics, select different game rules, and be testing your ideas within 5 minutes. If you're a flash game developer once you've tested out your ideas you could then take all of your assets and rapidly build your own game natively in flash or you can simply distribute the game you created using the Pulado engine.

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Group Collaboration

Multiple team members can work on the same game simultaneously. One artist could be designing and testing the player graphics while a second artist is uploading and testing the enemy graphics. A sound designer could be uploading and testing attack sounds all at the same time. A developer in Europe could be making game changes and testing the game at the same time that a developer in the US or Asia is play testing or uploading backgrounds.

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Advertising & Promotion

The Pulado engine can be used to create quick advertising or promotional games. A developer could rapidly create a branding game which uses your products within the game. The developer can upload a logo and URL where links within the game will click through to. The game can then be published and distributed either on various flash game sites or even rotated in as an ad. The user could play the game entirely within the ad and visit the link for the promoted item, product, or cause.

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Android, Wii, & Mobile Games

Developing games for mobile devices can be complex with all of the packaging and signing and coding that you have to do. Pulado makes it easy to build games that work on mobile devices running Flash like devices running Android 2.2+. The Pulado engine has been optimized to run well on mobile devices. You can create your game with Pulado and then load it up in your mobile device's web browser to begin playing right away. The games you create with Pulado run well on the standard desktop, laptop, netbook, game console (like the Wii), and mobile device or anywhere where Flash 8+ is supported.

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Tips: Export your SWF files to support Flash 8.