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  Keys of Atlantis A Free Online Game
UFO Attack A Free Online Game
UFO Attack
Break time A Free Online Game
Break time
Reggie Red Fur A Free Online Game
Reggie Red Fur
Monkey2 Attack A Free Online Game
Monkey2 Attack
Call of Cicatrix A Free Online Game
Call of Cicatrix
Rise of Debacle Pearl A Free Online Game
Rise of Debacle Pearl

Online kill Games
Spider Fighter Game

Plays: 4290
Category: Action
Toxic waste has been dropped from an airplane into the middle of a dark forest, Leaving spiders morphed into giant hungry spiders! You, the towns exterminator are hired to kill them all before they destroy the city! Good luck!
Tags: , , , , , ,
Pumpkin vs Zombies Game

Plays: 3982
Category: Other
I... I must kill all ZOMBIES!
Agent Slice Game

Plays: 3927
Category: Shooting
You are Agent Slice. You are an awesome agent that uses one weapon: his car. You are being chased by a secret government orginization that thinks you're a traitor. Take them down. No mercy.
Tags: , , , , , , ,
Ninja Whacker Xtreme Game

Plays: 3498
Category: Fighting
Kill the Ninja tribe!
Atomic Defense Game

Plays: 3267
Category: Strategy
Fly around and kill eneimes!!
Killer Zombies Game

Plays: 3157
Category: Shooting
This Is a shooting game in which you have to kill zombies
Zombie killer Game

Plays: 3080
Category: Fighting
Use the zombie to kill the others!
Tags: , , ,
killing machine Game

Plays: 2849
Category: Fighting
kill all of them
Censor pig Game

Plays: 2706
Category: Fighting
kill the censorship pigs
stick to death Game

Plays: 2706
Category: Action
kill the enemy
Kill the Flies Game

Plays: 2640
Category: Action
There are so many flies around. The lizard is going to help you out for get rid of flies. Just move the lizard and kill the flies.
Reef Attack Game

Plays: 2629
Category: Shooting
You are a fish stuck in the sea. Your only weapon: rockets. Other fish have came to kill you, thus you must kill them!!! Shoot at them with your rockets.
Little Red Spaceship Game

Plays: 2596
Category: Action
Move your spaceship and kill the enemies
Tags: , , , , , ,
The Defense: Soldiers of the Fall Game

Plays: 2519
Category: Shooting
Earth is under attack by demonic aliens. There only goals are to kill all life, and strip Earth of all it's resources. You and a group of Human survivors must repel an alien threat that threatens you're home. So fight them off! Don't let them win!
plane blaster Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Action
Shoot these planes up with a classic alien ship and see how far you can get in this super hard game of airport stars!
Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Mad Arrow Game

Plays: 23837
Category: Strategy Games
Place your men to kill the robbers
Infiltration Game

Plays: 13040
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot and kill terrorists to retain the nuclear missles.
Malle and Lenny Game

Plays: 12649
Category: Adventure Games
Jump over objects, push boxes, and hammer things. You can hammer environment to kill enemies.
Pawel & the Teutonic Castle Game

Plays: 11665
Category: Shooting Games
Pawel is a young Polish knight who wants to get rid of the Teutonic knights that have invaded his land. Use your mouse to select and kill the enemies and the keyboard to move left or right.
ParaSpammer Game

Plays: 11186
Category: Shooting Games
Gameplay: Kill all spammers. Survive 25 waves and win, or compete other players in Survival mode for longest survival time. Game features: Sound and blood splashes could be turned off. Different types of enemies and allies. Four types of bonuses/powerups. Five types of "bad bonuses". Seven weapon types. Weapon overheat. Two play modes - Survival and Waves. In-game pause and pause when mouse out of game screen.
Color Buster Game

Plays: 9916
Category: Shooting Games
ColorBuster it´s a Puzzle Game, where you need to destroy monsters to take his colors. Mix the Color Monsters to make the Stage Objective Color! Play in the ENDLESS Mode for maximum score, or in the STORY Mode for kill the bosses and see the ending movie!
Dragon Fire Game

Plays: 8670
Category: Shooting Games
kill enemy dragons, red flame increases hp, yellow flame increases mp
Teelombies Infection Game

Plays: 8349
Category: Puzzles Games
Teelombies Infection is a hybrid of two popular Flash games: Crush the Castle and Infectonator. The game has you launching zombies into densely populated buildings to infect humans. In each level, you must infect and kill a target number of humans in order to unlock the next stage. Collect coins from your victims before they disappear and spend them on upgrades that will make it easier for you to spread the infection.
Patrol Game

Plays: 5523
Category: Action Games
kill ufo's
Kill Those Mosquitos Game

Plays: 3850
Category: Action Games
A timewaster in all its glory, Kill Those Mosquitos!
Space Shooter Game

Plays: 3258
Category: Shooting Games
Arrow keys move your space ship and the space bar fires. Kill as many enemies as you can to win.
Squirt Man Game

Plays: 43672
Category: Shooting Games
A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant, but with one notable difference - you have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit! It's a battle for survival. You need food, the other mutants need food, it's either you or them. Kill anything and everything that gets in your way and maybe, just maybe you'll get through the nuclear holocaust alive. Choose from your stash of weapons to kill the mutants. Each weapon gains XP points the more enemy you kill. Look out for power-ups after you kill the enemy, you're going to need 'em. Good luck!
Morality Wars V1.2 Game

Plays: 29298
Category: Shooting Games
Left-click to shoot. Kill all of the Fibs from attacking the Kidunots. There are 250 to kill at the moment and you can use the Tech buttons the more kills you obtain. The last button fully restores your health.
Space Bubbles Game

Plays: 14528
Category: Action Games
Click on the evil green Space bubbles within the time limit to kill the other bubbles!
Grand Theft Raj Game

Plays: 9790
Category: Shooting Games
Kill the chavs but don't kill the OAPs!
Industrial Tower Defence Game

Plays: 9668
Category: Action Games
You, as a factory manager, have a rival, Evil Bob, whom is trying to take down all your factories. You can build a variety of towers, upgrade your technology, or build more factories. Can you prevent Evil Bob from destroying your career?
xWUNG Game

Plays: 6806
Category: Action Games
In xWUNG, you play by moving the mouse to swing a ball. The ball's attached to a wire, and both of them kill enemies on contact. Be careful of the debris as it's deadly. There are bosses that appear with regular intervals. Make large combos to get good scores.
Spider Game Game

Plays: 6208
Category: Action Games
Virtual pet spider game. Catch and kill flies in spider webs of your own design before your virtual pet spider starves!
From Space with Love Game

Plays: 5660
Category: Action Games
In this game you are a peaceful alien. You fly with your flying saucer over a battle field, abduct soldiers, convert them into pacifists, and release them in some place on the same field. You pass a level if the number of pacifists on the field is higher or equal to the required number. If you do your job too slowly, the soldiers will kill each other and you will have nobody to convert. Remember that eventhough soldiers do not shoot pacifists on purpose, a random bullet can kill a pacifist too, so release them in a safe place.
Legend of Zelda: Octorok Hunter BETA Game

Plays: 5568
Category: Shooting Games
Made this game in a few days, still working on it :) The objective is to kill every enemy as fast as possible. This is just a beta version, many bugs :)

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Tips: Setting the opponent movement speed to zero can give you a platform for you to do your own animation instead the opponent graphic. You could make an opponent popup and then hide again using animation instead of the built in movement.