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Call Of Fruity A Free Online Game
Call Of Fruity
Gears of Ophidian III A Free Online Game
Gears of Ophidian III
Bird Hunt A Free Online Game
Bird Hunt
Snipe The Spider A Free Online Game
Snipe The Spider
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Armed Ninja
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The Death

Online hunting Games
Paranormal Hunter Game

Plays: 13112
Category: Shooting
You are the world's top paranormal investigator. But can you survive the world's most haunted house? Using the most advanced ghost hunting equipment, your task is to eliminate all ghosts from the legendary Bailey House!
Tags: , , , , , ,
Goose Hunt Game

Plays: 4697
Category: Shooting
Go Goose Hunting
duck hunting Game

Plays: 4367
Category: Shooting
good game if u like hunting
Hunter pro Game

Plays: 3608
Category: Sports
See how many animals you can shoot in the ultimate hunting game.
Super BugHunt Game

Plays: 5475
Category: Shooting Games
Manic little point and click shooting game where you must take out as many bugs as possible within the time limit.
Quest in the dark Game

Plays: 48376
Category: Adventure Games
Escape the haunted mansion! Solving mysteries and treasure hunting game. Save/Load support.
Kitty Cat Meow Dressup Game

Plays: 47468
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this kitty cat loving girl with various different styles. There are a variety of outfits, earrings, shoes, hair, necklaces, bags, and makeup for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress her up the kitty cats will be ready for cuddles and mouse hunting in the woods.
Supreme Deer Hunting Game

Plays: 43658
Category: Sports Games
Challenge your hunting skills in this classic hunting game. Earn points to upgrade your gear for better hunting. Realistic shooting with range, weapon accuracy, etc.
Library Hidden Object Game

Plays: 42011
Category: Puzzles Games
Welcome to the library! Use the mouse to search the area for all the hidden objects. Three Levels of object hunting, with addicting difficulty for you to find all the objects each level! Can you find them all?
Flymuncher Game

Plays: 34164
Category: Action Games
Enter the dangerous world of a hyperactive and highly carnivorous Flymuncher! Feel what it's like to have to be munching on those flies every second to stay alive in this new Box2D Physics-based game!
The Palace Hidden Alphabet Game

Plays: 31617
Category: Puzzles Games
Welcome to the palace! Use the magnify glass to search the area for all the hidden alphabet. One level of abc hunting, with addicting difficulty for you to find all the alphabet! Can you find them all?
Safari Animals Search Game

Plays: 29864
Category: Puzzles Games
Welcome to your wild animal safari hunt!! Use the magnify glass to search the area for all the hidden animals. 3 levels of animal hunting, with each level releasing more animals for you to find! Can you find them all?
Dinosaur Hunt Game

Plays: 27522
Category: Education Games
Search and discover dinosaur fossils around the World without leaving home.
Easter Egg Hunt Game

Plays: 26783
Category: Puzzles Games
Happy Easter everyone!! Welcome to the yearly Easter egg hunt!! Use the magnify glass to search the area for all the hidden eggs. 3 levels of egg hunting, with each level releasing more eggs for you to find! Can you find them all?
Sprint Hunter Game

Plays: 23979
Category: Action Games
A high speed hunting challenge. Check your hunting skills as a Cheetah and try to hunt down the Gazelle.
Cartoon Hero Game

Plays: 19340
Category: Action Games
Choose your power ranger, hunting down the gangs of Monster and be the Cartoon Hero.
Super Duck Hunting Game

Plays: 19136
Category: Shooting Games
Super Duck Hunting is a fun and challenging hunting game where you need to blast the flying duck out of the sky to prevent them escaping. Let's see how many duck you can shoot down.
bunnybounty Game

Plays: 14299
Category: Shooting Games
Imagine your classic whack-a-mole game only with steroids, and bunnies for moles, and they're really really hungry for the farm crops that you're hired to protect. You're a pest exterminator. Your specialty? Bunnies. Your clients?Angry, frustrated, and altogether utterly helpless farmers who struggle against endless waves of savage bunny barbarians who loot and plunder their farm yields. Scare off, deter and well, if you really have to, neutralize as many bunnies as you can with your trusty weapon!Good luck!
Jungle Hunting Game

Plays: 13298
Category: Action Games
The indians are under attack from wild animals!! Its your job to build the perfect defence line to keep all wild creatures away from your village. Build new units along the road, upgrade existing units and research for new warrior types to become stronger. 50 balanced waves, 3 difficulty modes, and a giant mamooth boss to defeat at the end!
Something Fishy Game

Plays: 12203
Category: Adventure Games
This time something is really fishy as the fishes are hunting for their munch. Well, of course it's big news but they will starve without you.

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