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Online hunting Games
Super Bird Hunter Game

Plays: 1021
Category: Puzzles Games
a little girl lost her balloons, help her to recover them by jumping on angry little birds, so you can get up to the sky
Fight The Terrorist Game

Plays: 1012
Category: Shooting Games
In order to be able to access the game Terrorist Hunting wait for the completion of the installation. Play Game clicks on entry after installation by clicking on the entry and immediately begin to play again. Using the left mouse button to shoot in front of a moving terrorists to destroy the terrorists must complete sections. Good luck.
The Bird Shooter Game

Plays: 992
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot the birds and make your high score.
Toku Game

Plays: 968
Category: Action Games
Destroy as many Toku monsters as you can in this amazing game!
bug hunting Game

Plays: 956
Category: Adventure Games
Use the arrow keys to move the frog in the direction you want to go and collect the required amount of bugs to complete each pond.
SpitUp Game

Plays: 930
Category: Action Games
The green monster spends his afternoons hunting in the swamp spitting on the mosquitoes. But the storms, crows and wasps are always bothering him. Could you help him to break his mark, eating mosquitoes?
Hunter Panic Game

Plays: 927
Category: Action Games
Hunting season is open!
My big fish Game

Plays: 905
Category: Adventure Games
You start your journey with a small fish. In order to grow you need to eat more fish. On the game map shows your current route. Need to complete all the levels and not get caught sharks.
Race Kart Game

Plays: 899
Category: Action Games
Race, hunt and shoot in this very intense and top rated game.
Bear Hunter 3D Game

Plays: 896
Category: Action Games
Run through the beautiful countryside and avoid all obstacles. Shoot bears to increase your multiplier. If you enjoy Train Surfers and other endless run games you'll like this one. Features: • Endless running game • Collect coins • Shoot bears • Jump over, roll under or move around to avoid different types of obstacles.
Hunting Bats Game

Plays: 884
Category: Adventure Games
Bats keep on trying to attack the chicken in the nest. Player is supposed to save them by dragging the bats to the cages before they hit the nest. An awesome game with mouse to see who reacts faster.
Large forest hunting Game

Plays: 877
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot the animals are running around in the woods. Points are awarded for hitting. The game is limited to two minutes.
Hunting For Robots Game

Plays: 868
Category: Shooting Games
Use your armory of weapons to defeat a well-defended army of mechanized drones capable of attacking from the ground and air. Keep the gold mine operating and you'll be able to upgrade to better weapons. Receive medals for destroying the bots, advance deeper into the mine and defeat your enemy in a final climactic battle.
Shoot the Vampires Game

Plays: 868
Category: Shooting Games
It is a 'Aim & shoot' game with the challenge being shooting the given number of bats within the specified time & bullets. There is another additional challenge, where you will lose the level if you shoot other birds by mistake. An excellent forest adventure game..!
Archer Game

Plays: 859
Category: Strategy Games
Have you ever fancied being a ranger like those fantasy characters you love so much? Well, now you can in Archer! Pick up a bow and a quiver full of arrows and get shooting! Don’t worry you won’t be shooting at anything alive or moving. This addictive free online hunting game has you blasting arrows at targets in many fun and interesting ways. Forget traditional archery ranges, because you’ll be shooting your way past obstacles, and using physics based gameplay to hit those targets. You can use the power of your shot to slam through objects blocking the way and hit your target, all in one fell swoop. To control your shot you must swipe your finger or drag the mouse across the screen to adjust the shot power, and then release once you’ve chosen the trajectory you want. There are multiple levels each with varying challenge difficulties that make for a seemingly endless stream of fun scenarios and results. The farther you progress in the game the harder and more challenging the levels become. The puzzles can be compared to other slingshot based games where you have to shoot a variety of birds at pigs – you know the one we’re talking about! If you find that you can’t reach a particular target, you can swap out to the bouncy arrows – one of many different ammunition types. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start shooting targets! Compare your scores with friends and family to see who can get the best. Don’t forget that this game can be played from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Choose your weapon of choice so to speak and aim for those targets! There’s a lot less to clean up when you’ve finished a game of archer too, and nobody likes to clean.
Bow Vs Bird Game

Plays: 852
Category: Action Games
It's 2040 and Toon-World has been over run by Cute Cuddly Blue Birds with Big Blue Eyes. You must stand up and shoot as many birds as you can to save the world from catastrophe. You've got 45 seconds to shoot as many birds as you can before time runs out. This is Bow Vs Bird!
Passion for Shopping Game

Plays: 834
Category: Other Games
If it's clothing sales' time, then it can only mean it's time for a shopping marathon at the mall for this lovely teen girl here! There will be lots and lots of fancy, stylish young ladies there, hunting the best prices, the most stylish outfits, so make sure you get her a super fashionable look, a casual chic look with a twist or maybe a girly, summery chic look, upgraded with some bold, attention-grabbing accessories, that would help her stand out form the crowd of shopaholics there, at the mall!

Plays: 833
Category: Puzzles Games
PlayHOG presents A Dragon's Tale, a Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level in a total of 10 levels to give you 400 objects to find. A Dragon's Tale is the story about a young dragon, who must grow up and be responsible for hunting his own food.
Ghost Hunting Game

Plays: 817
Category: Puzzles Games
Explore scary, old mansion and try to catch all ghosts haunting this place!
Hidden Letters-Anime Christmas Game

Plays: 800
Category: Puzzles Games
Hi hiddenogames fans. Do you love to find the hidden letters? Here is a challenge for your hunting talent. Find all those letters which are hidden in this Anime Christmas pictures and make the highest score before time run out. Each wrong click will reduce your time.

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