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Online hunting Games
Shell Shooter Game

Plays: 2575
Category: Shooting Games
Use your hunting skill to smash golden shells before they hit the ground. Destroy black shells or balloons to get more points and experience. Improve your gun and master the leaderboard on three difficulty levels!
Hunting Contest Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Shooting Games
A funny game to shoot happy animals ! Destroy and enjoy !
Hunting Spider - Animals Game

Plays: 2541
Category: Action Games
Hunting Spider is a new game by Flash Games. In Hunting Spider it is your task to catch the flies on the playground. Control your spider with the arrow keys and spin your web. Watch the flies while spinning the web or you will loose a live.
Hunt Penguins 2 Game

Plays: 2444
Category: Shooting Games
New, exclusive version of the "Hunt Penguins" game. Ninja style penguins are so crafty to run out in groups.Quickly take up your hunting rifle to shoot them down!
Hunting Spider Game

Plays: 2406
Category: Action Games
Hunting Spider is a new game by Flash Games. In Hunting Spider it is your task to catch the flies on the playground. Control your spider with the arrow keys and spin your web. Watch the flies while spinning the web or you will loose a live.
Halloween Ghost Hunts - Super cool ghost hunting game Game

Plays: 2402
Category: Action Games
Ghost hunts. There are different types of ghosts, mummy, zombies, witch etc in the game. You have to attack and kill them before they attack you. Have fun
Hunting Contest PC Game

Plays: 2387
Category: Action Games
Take part in the funniest hunting contest in the world! Where they hunt for animals equipped with modern equipment! Do you have what it takes to be the best? --- PC VERSION!!! --- With online scores and a smaller size so it fits better in the browsers.
Bird Shooting Game

Plays: 2366
Category: Action Games
The player has two minutes to shoot as many birds as possible!
Cottage Hunting Escape Game

Plays: 2317
Category: Adventure Games
Cottage Hunting Escape
Cool Hunter Girl Dressup Game

Plays: 2314
Category: Dress-Up Games
This girl is the daughter of a great hunter in the forest. Now she is brave and skillful enough to hunt all by herself. Please dress her up and don't forget to take the weapons for hunting!
GeoFreakZ Runaway Jetpack Game

Plays: 2308
Category: Action Games
GeoFreakZ is an online game based on the real-world activity of GPS treasure hunting, also known as geocaching. This game allows kids to take part in virtual geocaching quests, collect points that can be redeemed for in-game rewards and SafeChat with their friends.
I just seen a duck Game

Plays: 2301
Category: Action Games
It's sunday morning. You have prepared the equipment to go duck hunting. It will be a good hunting? Hit the power-up to gain time bonus and points. Use the MOUSE to play. Good luck. Tips & help: info (at) Another game by
Bulo Turkey Hunting Game

Plays: 2300
Category: Shooting Games
Bulo Turkey Hunting is a type of shooting game created by games2chicks.In the time of thanksgiving, how long will you resist the attack of the crazy turkeys? Bulo decide to shoot the turkeys with her bow and arrows and fry them all. Shoot only the turkeys not the pumpkins else you will lose a life. Shoot as much as possible and enjoy the thanksgiving with this game.
Hunting for Gold Game

Plays: 2290
Category: Adventure Games
Red-beard man running around the game. In order to get to the coveted gold in the game he has to overcome various obstacles. In the game he helped balls of different colors, which enables or disables various tricky ladders, fixtures, etc.
Hunting on the road Game

Plays: 2283
Category: Driving Games
You are an animal hunter.You have four weapons.You can use only 1 type of weapon at a time. To get the other three types of weapons, collect the coins. To catch the animals move at a speed of at least 150km/h.When You are moving closer to the animal, use weapon. You can also use the weapons against other cars,but it will cost points. Be careful on the road you will watch over various obstacles.
Hunt House Escape Game

Plays: 2283
Category: Adventure Games
You are trapped in a giant and remote hunting lodge. Start in the courtyard and find your way inside, where more puzzles await you. Solve all of them to escape the hunting house.
SpringBack Game

Plays: 2277
Category: Action Games
Hit as many pigeons as you can by controling the slingshot and hitting the pigeons with the help of boomarang with in a minute. After a minute the game ends.
Chicken hunting Game

Plays: 2217
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot all flying chickens.
Treasure Hunting Game

Plays: 2215
Category: Other Games
On the bottom of the see beautiful treasures are hidden. In old derelicts and in deep chasms you go looking for treasures: magic lamps and old coins, gold bracelets and gems. The fisherman in this game will travel around the world, looking for treasures. Keep him company on his journey and help him collect enough treasures in every level to pass to the next one!
Shake-Hunting for bugs Game

Plays: 2193
Category: Adventure Games
Snakes love different bugs and spiders. Help a snake to catch all bugs and to grow in sizes. Collect different bonuses which will help you to pass faster to the following level, to add life and others.

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