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Online hunting Games
Jewel Cave Game

Plays: 3140
Category: Action Games
Your Jewels have been stolen! Explore a dangerous cave in this retro platformer, while hunting down the thief. Many challenges await you on your journey, such as tough enemies, giant bosses, achievements and many secrets!
Moto Star Hunting Game

Plays: 3132
Category: Driving Games
Upgrade your bike and find the stars for your old master!
Hunting Spider - Winter Game

Plays: 3110
Category: Action Games
Hunting Spider is a new game by Flash Games. In Hunting Spider it is your task to catch the flies on the playground. Control your spider with the arrow keys and spin your web. Watch the flies while spinning the web or you will loose a live.
Pumpkin's Head Gun Game

Plays: 3084
Category: Action Games
Pumpkin is tired of attack of enemy's attack, so he fixed a gun to his head and has gone on hunting down his enemies.
Hunt For a Meal Game

Plays: 3017
Category: Customize Games
Cody the mama bird is out hunting insects for her baby Tizzy. She finds this big fat red insect and considers it as the perfect meal for Tizzy. She carries it to Tizzy who is hungrily waiting for his food. Find out how Cody accomplishes her task and how Tizzy gets his meal by spotting all the differences in this game.
Fishing Penguin Game

Plays: 3016
Category: Action Games
Click your left mouse button to catch a fish. If you catched one, click again to put it in the yellow box. Good hunting!
Mermaniac Game

Plays: 2998
Category: Action Games
Mermaniac is meant to be a short highscore hunting game in which you play as a merman that tries to swim around as long as possible. Marine animals will be attracted by you and interfere with your actions, pulling you down into the deep sea. Good for you there are some floating oil barrels that you can use to get rid of the them.
Magician Hunting Game

Plays: 2978
Category: Action Games
Alice the little magician likes to go hunting with her magic wand. She first freeze the animals and then shoot them. Shoot the ferocious animals like tigers and bears to gain points. Shoot deers, frogs and hares will lose points. Come and join her to this interesting forest adventure!
Wilderness Hunter Dress Up Game

Plays: 2940
Category: Customize Games
This cute girl is planning a wonderful hunting trip this weekend in the exciting wilderness. Before she can go on her new adventure help her choose what clothing and accessories she should wear for the big trip. Make sure you choose carefully though as you will want her to blend in with the environment like camouflage while she's hunting.
Make-A-Scene: The Great Egg Hunt Game

Plays: 2927
Category: Customize Games
It's Easter, and time for the great easter egg hunt! Make-A-Scene with Jinx, Minx and all their friends, hunting for eggs, exploring the park, and even taking a picnic with their new found chocolate treats!
Eggs & Co. Game

Plays: 2919
Category: Action Games
Easter is finally here! Wake up because it's time to go hunting for eggs! But are you greedy enough to get the best score?
Blondes VS Dinos Game

Plays: 2886
Category: Action Games
Blondes not only hunting on Dinosaurs, but also play volleyball with them
Hunting Season 2 Game

Plays: 2835
Category: Action Games
Hunting Season is here again... Try to hunt as many animals as you can, but avoid hunting the yellow bird and the Gyrafah...
Eagle Hunting Game

Plays: 2747
Category: Action Games
Hunting the greatest number of eagles
Leah Lion Hunter Game

Plays: 2701
Category: Customize Games
Leah has been looking for bigger game for a while now. She's mastered the art of hunting the graceful deer, and although her wall is covered in antlers, she's looking for more dangerous game to try to bring down. A friend of hers recommended lions, and so now she's on her way to Africa to bag one!
Zombie Survival Game

Plays: 2631
Category: Action Games
The ultimate zombie survival guide is here! Prepare yourself for a zombielife might you ever become one! Train your hunting skills and grab those humans for new blood to keep you going. But be carefull as humans always try to blow off your head with guns.
Galaxy Hunter Game

Plays: 2613
Category: Action Games
In the age of star wars Galaxies are occupied by monsters.Hiding somewhere GALACTICUS is the boss. Track him down and found the rigth weapon for kill him is task of a great cunning hero. All the warriors you will encounter are liars. Out of many lies you can reach the truth! An arcade game where with brain and abilty you can travel trougth spectacular visions of galassies, hunting the criminal of universe.
Bird Hunting 1 Game

Plays: 2603
Category: Action Games
Bird Hunting 1, where you re a bird hunter. and you have a job to kill all bird in the forest, but if you getting 5 escaping birds, your job will be finished. cause the security will be know if the bird has been hunting by someone.
Ghost Buster 2 Game

Plays: 2598
Category: Other Games
How about a nice walk in the...cemetery? Well, not a “walk”, but more of a “hunting” session, for you're here, with all those spooky creatures all around you, with those gloomy grave stones and haunted castles and houses everywhere you see, with a certain mission, that of spotting all the hidden ghosts and putting an end to their visit in our world!
Boar Hunter Game

Plays: 2598
Category: Action Games
Kill All Of The Crazed Boars

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