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Online crazy Games
NastyMan Advance Game

Plays: 2568
Category: Adventure Games
NastyMan advance is a sort of unlogic Point & Click puzzle solving game. Help NastyMan to solve the various puzzles in his crazy adventure!
Crazy lap Game

Plays: 2565
Category: Action Games
Run as much as you can, and send the time of your best lap! Be careful, you can't get out of the track. Good luck
Super Santa & the Christmas Minions Game

Plays: 2563
Category: Adventure Games
A crazy turkey has sought revenge on Santa Claus and his friends has turned into evil minions who have stolen gifts. Help Santa to save Christmas
Super Cannon Pop Arcade 2 Game

Plays: 2556
Category: Action Games
Pop balloons like crazy in 4 different modes! Can you reach the high-scores?
Toss A Llama Game

Plays: 2556
Category: Action Games
This is a fun free game where you can easily just press a button, and watch as you llama goes flying out of a catapult and bounces off of fat guys, and zooms past speed bumps!
Twin Hoppers Ice Journey Game

Plays: 2550
Category: Action Games
Fun and all fun; let your imagination go crazy and find thouse two hoppers in the ice packs in the pole! Play Twin Hoppers on their Ice Journey for free at
Crazy Cannon Game

Plays: 2547
Category: Action Games
Shoot your chosen cannon fodder as far as you can! Gain various achievements to purchase unlockable items such as different game backgrounds, more power for your cannon, different cannon fodder and more!
Fruit Crazy Game

Plays: 2533
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Kevin control the production line! Collect all the lines of fruit in this challenging puzzle mix of strategy and matching!
Exit in 30 Second: The Pipe Game

Plays: 2510
Category: Puzzles Games
A little crazy game! escape from a maze "The Pipe" in 30 seconds.
Cute Bow Fashion Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Dress-Up Games
: This sweetie's crazy about pretty little bows. Therefore, don't be too surprised to find all sorts of fashion items featuring tiny chic bows in her wardrobe, from lovely bow dresses, to pretty bow tie blouses and even cute bow shaped glittery earrings!
Kebab Krazy Game

Plays: 2505
Category: Action Games
Statistically, 50% of all restaurants fail in their first year. Don't be another statistic, do it properly. Sure, there may be more sensible, safer ways of preparing these popular Mediterranean meat dishes, but health and safety is for wusses. Complete your customers order by impaling the correct floating ingredients in the correct order, or your kebab house is gonna turn into a hell-house! Chilli sauce boss?
Crazy Heart Similarities Game

Plays: 2497
Category: Puzzles Games
Identify the difference in the two different images and click the similar object to get it confirmed. You get 50 points for every click that is correct and lose 25 points for every click that is wrong. All the Best!
The Mile High Club Game

Plays: 2495
Category: Puzzles Games
A variation of crazy golf. You must get to the pin to get to the next level.
Shoot the Terrorists Game

Plays: 2493
Category: Action Games
Explosions, Random Terrorists, Unlimited Levels, and Non-Stop Fun? Yea That's This Game :D 100% pure fun fast easy casual game. Shoot the Terrorists before they reach the left side of the screen or you lose a life and your current streak. However how high can you score and rank up against the WORLD?! Yea, well let's see.
Moto X Dare Devil Game

Plays: 2488
Category: Driving Games
Its time to perform some crazy stunts, get on your dare devil bike and show some dare stunts.
Mushbits Game

Plays: 2484
Category: Puzzles Games
Unite bunnies and mushrooms in this bouncy puzzle game.
SpaceBar Game

Plays: 2484
Category: Strategy Games
Click the space bar as many times as you can in 10 seconds compete against players all over the world.
Sonic Crazy World Game

Plays: 2480
Category: Action Games
Help Sonic collect rings and survive 10 crazy levels !
Aoyama And Furious Game

Plays: 2480
Category: Action Games
Description: Aoyama is crazy... by now he is furious, drive the crazy car and win the race. Chose your character and win the gold cup!
Crazy Race Game

Plays: 2478
Category: Action Games
Have fun with this crazy car race. Become a crazy racing pilot and try yo win.

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