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Lady Gaga Red Carpet Dress-up Game

Plays: 3983
Category: Dress-Up Games
Be Lady Gaga fashion stylist and get her ready for the Oscars! She loves to rock the red carpet and she needs a show-stopping look! Pick her outstanding pieces and outrageous accessories, like studded masks and crazy hairstyles!
Just Another Shadow Game

Plays: 3982
Category: Action Games
Escape the maze you find yourself in, no matter how many times you need to beat the same level. And don't let your shadow distract you!
Crazy Tanks Game

Plays: 3967
Category: Action Games
Destroy 100 tanks and win the game. Update weaponry with a chopper.
Nano Kingdoms Game

Plays: 3921
Category: Action Games
Command your armies in the Nano Kingdom! In this stratey game you must help the king defeat his son Alexander, who became evil and crazy for power, being a huge threat to everyone.
Zendaya Fashion Game

Plays: 3918
Category: Dress-Up Games
Zendaya has a new fashion collection that she wants to share with you girls, her fans, in this awesome Zendaya Fashion dress up game, consisting of amazing clothes and accessories which she is eager to wear, so that she can rock the dance floor again, together with her BFF Bella Thorne. Become Zendaya’s personal stylist and dress her in super cool casual outfits for another dancing round on the dance floor. Have a look at her new clothes in lovely and youthful colors, check out her trendy sneakers and boots, and start playing with them, creating lots of combinations for Zendaya to try on. Zendaya is crazy about accessories, she likes wearing lots of bracelets, chains and earrings, she also likes wearing fashionable hats, bags, sunglasses, headphones, IPods or IPads. Dress Zendaya in lots of casual trendy outfits and don’t forget to accessorise her for a cooler look. Enjoy!
Pixel Panic Game

Plays: 3888
Category: Action Games
The Pixelverse is in trouble, only your pixel shuttle can save it. Keep the deadly invaders away and be the hero of the day. Destroy wave after wave of intolerable pixel baddies. Just remember. Don't Panic!
Buzz Game

Plays: 3887
Category: Shooting Games
remake of Buzz the classic version, kill crazy knife weilding bees and avoid hurtling missiles in this crazy deffence game, kill the huge enemy bee's and save your hive!
Crazy Spacy Game

Plays: 3871
Category: Puzzles Games
Destroy Crazy Bubbles by creating lines of 3 or more bubbles of the same kind. You can move the Crazy Bubbles by using the mouse to click and swap adjacent Bubbles.
Adrenaline Game

Plays: 3862
Category: Action Games
Go bullet crazy as you blast your way through tons of enemies!
Crazy Bounce Game

Plays: 3856
Category: BoardGame Games
The game is named “BOUNCE”. In this game the player will control a ball through arrow keys. The task at hand is to avoid the blades on the way and reach the finishing flag.There are many different buttons on the way that perform various task like opening the path, stop the blade movement etc. so the player has to play the game and understand the tricky path, this makes the game very interesting.
Fly For Fun Game

Plays: 3846
Category: Action Games
Join a super fun and crazy community!
Crazy Bee Game

Plays: 3845
Category: Action Games
Jump over the platforms. Kill all bad insects jumping over his heads.
The Insanity Test Mobile Game

Plays: 3837
Category: Puzzles Games
Ever wonder how insane you are? Take this fun little test to find out!
Armored Warriors - Crazy Defense Game

Plays: 3827
Category: Action Games
Armored Warriors - Crazy Defense Monsters are disguised as Armored Warriors to take assassinations. Armored Warriors must defend the attack of the monsters, and eventually beat their Boss. Left button: Aim and shoot W/A/S/D: Move Q/E: Change weapon P:Pause ????-???? ????????????????????,??????????????,???????BOSS? ????:????? W/A/S/D:?? Q/E:???? P:????
Frog game Game

Plays: 3827
Category: Shooting Games
Simple and fun timekiller which allows to relax and... kill several frog. Devoted for all office workers!!!
Attack of the monsters Game

Plays: 3825
Category: Puzzles Games
Monsters are attacking earth! Can you become the next earth hero? Spot the differences between images and save the world!

Plays: 3825
Category: Action Games
Jumble is crazy-fun high-scores bubble collecting game in PARATROOPER STYLE!
Famous Popstar Game

Plays: 3824
Category: Dress-Up Games
Have you ever dreamed to be a famous popstar and giving a show to your crazy fans? How would you be dressed? Of course, you must have an impeccable look! Make your choice amongst different type of clothes, boots, hair style and so on!
Crazy Skateboard Girl Game

Plays: 3808
Category: Customize Games
Dressup this sporty girl with trendy outfits, so she is ready to go skateboard. Once you are done just easily print and share your creation.
Rabbit Po with you big money Game

Plays: 3805
Category: Action Games
Rabbit po is a small miser Arduous journey, vowed to make the most money This does not, he and his evil rabbit who start competition Crazy money to start his action. Best games Minimum the ads

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.