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Online Cards Games
Memory Game

Plays: 1376
Category: Puzzles Games
Play the classic memory game!
The Memory Game Game

Plays: 1376
Category: Puzzles Games
A simple memory game of matching cards.

Plays: 1374
Category: Action Games
TOTWO DARK is a pairs game. Click on the cards to see what is behind them, and try to match all the pairs before the time runs out! Have fun!
Spider Solitaire 1 Suit Game

Plays: 1372
Category: Cards Games
Classic Spider Solitaire game. This game has only cards in 1 suit: Spades. Try to get cards on the tableau in sequence down from King to Ace. Such a sequence is then removed. You can move single cards or sequences on the tableau if it creates a new valid sequence down. You can click on the stock (top left) to get new cards on the tableau.
Sofia the First Solitaire Game

Plays: 1356
Category: Cards Games
Stack the cards together in descending order whilst alternating red and black colors, don't forget to place the aces on the row located at the upper right side of the game.
Anime Match Game

Plays: 1348
Category: Puzzles Games
Playnook presents a new fun anime game. Match identical cute anime characters with as few clicks as you can. The lesser the number of clicks it take to pair all the cards, the higher the score and the more stars you receive. Happy matching!
Solitaire Night City Game

Plays: 1347
Category: BoardGame Games
Solitaire Night City is the new and exclusive game of Pass 20 levels of this picturesque card game. But be patient as every new level is harder than the previous one. The aim is to clear table from the cards. The game has colorful graphics in the graffiti style and provides you with the hours of pleasant pastime.
Ben 10 Solitaire Game

Plays: 1346
Category: Cards Games
A simple and fun Ben 10 card game for kids. Stack the cards together in descending order.
Magic House Patience Game

Plays: 1334
Category: BoardGame Games
A classic but amazingly challenging solitaire game by This olitaire game starts in the old house in the magic room at nightfall. Remove all cards. Collect the chain from king till ace then the chain will disappear. Try to solve the strange secret of the room.
JWKK Memory Game Game

Plays: 1334
Category: Education Games
And we've got another treat for memory improvement. Play memory game and try to get to the other wheels. Click on two cards it will be removed. Remain viable if they are uncovered. You continue on until you shall not uncover all pairs. You continue to the next level. Each round has just 2:30 minutes to 20 cards. After the fifth level is even more difficult. 3 minute, but for 30 cards. And finally, after 10 level 3:30 minutes and 42 cards. The game has a total of 15 levels. Do not hesitate and taste you will play and show how it is on your memory.
Quick Play Klondike Game

Plays: 1330
Category: Cards Games
Take this classic game of solitaire on the go for a quick game anytime, anytime! Test your patience and build up your suits, from Ace to King. Score maximum points using skill and strategy!
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power Game

Plays: 1314
Category: BoardGame Games
The oldest deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand all the evil forces. But on one condition: not a single card should be missing from the deck. Now the cards that contain the unfathomable wisdom of the past and omnipotent knowledge of the future are scattered all around the city and it is up to you to find each card to create a deck before they fall into the hands of the villain. Save the world while enjoying an exciting mix of hidden object and solitaire!
Hockey Solitaire Game

Plays: 1292
Category: BoardGame Games
New colorful free online game for all solitaire and hockey amateurs from You have to play the whole hockey period in the excellent variation of classic card game. Your task is to clear the tableau from the cards. The foundations are built up in ascending suit sequence from Ace to the King. The exposed card of a tableau column may be transferred to a foundation of the same suit if it follows the ascending sequence or to the exposed card of another column if it forms a descending sequence of alternating colours. When a tableau column is completely cleared out, the space may only be filled by a King or a packed column headed by a King. When no more moves are available from the tableau, the top card from the stock is dealt face up. Pass the game as quick as possible as the time is limited! Publish the best results on line at Top 10.
Memory Mastah Game

Plays: 1285
Category: Puzzles Games
Matching game with multiple levels.
Yukon Solitaire Game

Plays: 1281
Category: Puzzles Games
Getting used to the traditional Klondike Solitaire? The Yukon Solitaire will definitely spice things up! Your target in this game is to move all cards to 4 foundations by suit from A to K. When the game starts, 52 standard playing cards will be distributed to 7 tableau piles. The leftmost tableau pile will be dealt only 1 upturned card, while each of the remaining tableau piles will be dealt 1 to 6 downturned cards from left to right, with 5 upturned cards on the top. The 4 foundations are located at the top of the screen. Before moving to the foundations, the cards can be arranged on the tableau piles. A group of cards can be moved to another tableau pile if the starting card of the group is in alternate color and of an immediately lower ranking than the topmost card of the target tableau pile, for example, a group starting with a 9 of spades can be placed on top of a 10 of hearts or a 10 of diamonds. The cards above the starting card of the group can be in any suit and sequence. When the upturned cards of a tableau pile are removed, you can click to reveal the topmost downturned card. An empty tableau pile can be occupied by a K or a group starting with a K. Each card successfully moved to the foundation gives 500 points. If you are not satisfied with the progress, you can click the Give Up button at the bottom of the screen to quit the current game. Compete with friends and family and see who will be the ultimate champion!
Crescent Solitaire Deluxe Game

Plays: 1272
Category: Cards Games
The object of the game is to move all of the cards from outer piles onto the central foundation area.
Colored Dog memory Game

Plays: 1271
Category: Memory Games
Come and play Colored Dog Memory Game to test your memory!!! There are actually six levels, and each successful level will lead you to a harder game of testing your memory. You're below time pressure, so make sure to finish before time runs out! To play, just click on for the card to reveal the image of a dog behind it. You can find only two varieties of dog illustrations, but even though each and every pair may have the exact same illustration as the other cards, it has a various color. So, you'll want to match the dogs with all the identical color. Have entertaining pairing each of the cards!
Lovely Kitty Solitaire Game

Plays: 1257
Category: BoardGame Games
New colorful game for all fans of interesting puzzles and solitaire games by While owners are at work the cats are playing tripeaks solitaire. Dedicated to all pet and solitaire lovers! Twenty skill levels and excellent graphics make this game even more exciting.
Roulette Game

Plays: 1254
Category: BoardGame Games
Roulette. Spin the wheel and win big!
Black Bill Game

Plays: 1249
Category: BoardGame Games
Billiard-mode version of Black Jack

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