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Online Cards Games
Explorer Girl Memory Game

Plays: 2257
Category: Puzzles Games
Flip the card and match the characters before time runs out
Terrace Solitaire (Facebook) Game

Plays: 2254
Category: Puzzles Games
Play this popular and difficult version of solitaire.
Dutamasa Battle 3 Game

Plays: 2251
Category: Adventure Games
Build a strong party of warriors to defeat each opponent and the final boss. Each unit requires a certain mount of prada points when selected for battle. You can revive warriors by sacrificing Turangamassa Points. Turangamassa and prada points increase after victory. Warriors won't die if defeated in training.
Klondike Solitaire 3D Game

Plays: 2248
Category: BoardGame Games
Klondike Solitaire 3d is a fun, more skillful version of the classic Klondike Solitaire card game. If you enjoy solitaire then this is a game for you!
Dress Up 17 and 4 Game

Plays: 2245
Category: Casino Games
A card and a dress up game in one. First you need to play 17 and 4 (Black Jack) until you unlock 2 dressing rooms. Then you can play further to see how their date together work out.
Mahjong Card Solitaire Game

Plays: 2244
Category: BoardGame Games
Clear the cards as quickly as you can in this original take on these two popular casual games.
Ninja Turtles Solitaire Game

Plays: 2240
Category: Cards Games
Stack the cards together in descending order alternating red and black colors, don't forget to place the aces on the row located at the upper right side of the game.
Pokemon Solitaire Game

Plays: 2240
Category: Cards Games
A simple and fun Pokemon card game for kids. Stack the cards together in descending order.
Flower Power Pairs Game

Plays: 2240
Category: BoardGame Games
Flower Power Pairs is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by
My Sweethearts Game

Plays: 2239
Category: Puzzles Games
My Sweethearts is a lovely Valentine's day game. Match the pairs to remove them. Only sweethearts that are touching horizontally, vertically and diagonally can be removed. After a finished round you have the opportunity to choose your handicap: less time, another sweetheart or more cards. Hurry up and don't forget the time!
Olympic Pairs Game

Plays: 2236
Category: BoardGame Games
A fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by
Airport Solitaire Game

Plays: 2235
Category: BoardGame Games
If you have some spare time we suggest you to spend it playing new addictive colorful cards game from You are in the airport and are waiting for your next flight. The best pastime is the solitaire game. This classical and popular patience is known as double Klondike (because you are playing with two cards decks). The game goal is to build the eight foundations up in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King with cards of identical suit. On the tableau, cards are played in descending order, alternating colors. When there is no more moves use stock. Having finished the game successfully you shouldn't forget to publish your best result to see your name at the Top of the table.
soccer memory Game

Plays: 2233
Category: Puzzles Games
Worldcup soccer memory game 2010!
Animal Cards Memory Game Game

Plays: 2232
Category: Customize Games
A fun card matching game brought to you by There are 3 levels in this game which will test your memory and determination. Each level gets more difficult with more cards and new animals. Can you complete them all and win the matching game?
Ace Match Game

Plays: 2229
Category: BoardGame Games
The object of this game is to remove all the cards by unfolding a pair of identical cards. Click any card to unfold it and then unfold another card, if both are the same they will be removed. Only two cards can be unfolded at a time
Carousel Solitaire Game

Plays: 2225
Category: BoardGame Games
New colorful game for all fans of interesting puzzles and card games by The object of the game is to place all cards from the tableau to the foundation. You can move two same cards. If there is no combination, click the top of the stock (it can be turned over only 3 times). There are 20 levels and bright high quality graphics that make this game even more addictive!
Fun Girls Game

Plays: 2225
Category: Puzzles Games
Play this wonderfull game for funy girls .
Concerto Memory Game

Plays: 2225
Category: Education Games
Instead of Images, match sounds in this original twist on the classic memory game... And not just any sounds : extracts from the greatest tunes of classic music. A original and educational game!
Tropical Solitaire Game

Plays: 2223
Category: BoardGame Games
Tropical Solitaire is a new solitaire variation by . Find two cards of the same rank to destroy them. Turn the pack if you don't have same cards on the table. The level is passed when all cards are removed. Be attentive and have a great pleasure playing this relaxing solitaire.
Classic Christmas Match Game

Plays: 2218
Category: BoardGame Games
Classic Christmas Match is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.