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Butter Frosting Cupcakes
Shoot Dem Up A Free Online Game
Shoot Dem Up
Racer V 1 A Free Online Game
Racer V 1
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Egypt Day Of Rage
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Quest For The Silver Castle
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Online Cards Games
The 7 Elders Game

Plays: 3555
Category: BoardGame Games
Can you defeat the 7 Elders in battle using only your deck of cards and wits? Based on the popular Triple Triad card mini-game from Final Fantasy.
Jelly Tower Planets Game

Plays: 3551
Category: Puzzles Games
Have you ever tried to build up a castle from cards or even toothpicks? It is totally funny and addictive, because a little wind could destroy everything. Try to build up a tower in this game adding the proper elements. Keep the tower balanced, otherwise, it will fall apart and you will lose. Have fun!
Cool Kid Pairs Game

Plays: 3547
Category: BoardGame Games
A fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by
Polly Pocket Memotrick Game

Plays: 3546
Category: Memory Games
Find Same cards with Polly Pocket
Gamix Cards Battle AS Game

Plays: 3538
Category: BoardGame Games
Ce jeu se joue à l'aide d'un jeu de 52 cartes. Vous devez superposer vos cartes selon la valeur supérieure ou inférieure des cartes sur le plateau. Plus les niveaux avancent, plus le rhytme est rapide. Si vous n'avez plus de solution, cliquez sur le bouton chance. Si vous et votre adversaire n'avez plus de solution, un bouton vous fera changer le jeu du plateau.
Megan Fox Memory Game

Plays: 3530
Category: Puzzles Games
Megan Fox is a beautiful hot actress you'll never forget. Play Megan Fox Memory and enjoy this fun memory game featuring Megan Fox.
Blackjack pokerinyourlife Game

Plays: 3524
Category: Casino Games
play blackjack game
Castle of Cards Game

Plays: 3503
Category: Puzzles Games
Use strategy and the luck of the draw to build your own Castle of Cards! You can progress through exciting levels or just play for fun in practice mode. With five unique decks to choose from, you can customize the game to your own liking. But watch out for the Joker! He will wipe out your progress with a single turn of the deck!
Spider Game

Plays: 3502
Category: BoardGame Games
Don't let the name fool you! Jump in on this classic solitaire variant and be the quickest to solve the puzzle. Play either the casual one suit, two suit or show your real skills by completing the dreaded four suit version in this addicting card game.
Bubble-fAces Game

Plays: 3498
Category: BoardGame Games
Bubble-fAces is an interpolation of cards game to the pretty bubbles world. Cover Bubble-fAce with your Bubble.
Merry Match Game

Plays: 3495
Category: Puzzles Games
Click on the cards to find the matching pairs
Big Bertha Patience Game

Plays: 3475
Category: Casino Games
Big Bertha is an large scale two pack solitaire game with a lot of strategy. The aim is to build from ace to queen on the eight foundations. Cards are stacked and moved by alternating colours, and available kings can be removed from the game at any time.
Animal Memory Game Game

Plays: 3468
Category: BoardGame Games
Memory game with photos of animals as cards. Try to find all pairs of cards as fast as possible.
Christmas Tree Solitaire Game

Plays: 3449
Category: Puzzles Games
Here is a beautiful christmas kind of pyramid solitaire. Remove all cards from the pyramid by making pairs equal to 13.
Next Card Game

Plays: 3435
Category: BoardGame Games
From a deck of 52 cards, guess if each card is higher or lower than the previous one
Under The Sea Memory Game Game

Plays: 3432
Category: Education Games
Classic memory card game with a fun under the sea theme. Find the matching pairs for each level before the time runs out.
Smurfs Solitaire Game

Plays: 3421
Category: Cards Games
Stack the cards together in descending order whilst alternating red and black colors, don't forget to place the aces on the row located at the upper right side of the game.
Memo Game

Plays: 3419
Category: BoardGame Games
game with 128 cards
Super Pairs game Game

Plays: 3415
Category: Puzzles Games
Pairs game is also known as Concentration or Memory game. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. You can customize the board size, play against the clock or try the Arcage mode, a endurance challenge of 9 levels.
Cute Animal Match Game

Plays: 3412
Category: BoardGame Games
A fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score. Brought to you by OnlineFreeMiniGames

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Tips: For a collection style game that doesn't use any player projectiles you can upload a blank SWF to high the splash screen graphic.