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Passing Notes Game

Plays: 507
Category: Customize Games
These lovely girls are getting ready for the first day of school. They spent the entire summer shopping around for fabulous clothes, and now is their chance to make a great first impression at school. Everyone will be dressed to impress, so it's important that these girls show off their incredible sense of fashion, today. Browse the wide selection of stylish options and create a look that is sure to get their classmates' attention. Help these cute girls learn a valuable lesson in fashion in this fun dress up game for girls!
Cute and Casual Game

Plays: 506
Category: Dress-Up Games
This totally cute girl is getting ready to go on a shopping spree at the biggest mall in town. The beautiful fashionista wants to create a trendy outfit that is casual enough to wear to the mall, but stylish enough to get her noticed. Unfortunately, she's having a creative block and is struggling to put an outfit together. Put an end to her fashion emergency by stepping up and helping this pretty teen design the perfect cute and casual outfit to go shopping in. Once she's dressed in an adorable outfit, she can stroll around the mall and show off your awesome outfit. Soon enough, all of the girls in town will line up to hear your valuable advice!
prominent home escape Game

Plays: 506
Category: Puzzles Games
The spiel story of this game is The Create a color loop for escape from there. Most significant loop bits are hidden by the prominent objects placed here and there. But everything can be getting by your view. So, sharpen your eyes. Find out the way of escape from the prominent home. Many puzzle which hold you in right way. Make a loop by interact the prominent items. Have a fun. Get a key from loop locker. And escape from there. Good luck.
Beauty Magic Mirror Game

Plays: 502
Category: Other Games
Choose one picture and then click, you can create many different funny effects of the beauty!
Manga Doll Creator Game

Plays: 501
Category: Dress-Up Games
I don't know about you, ladies, but I am absolutely mad about the manage fashion. In my opinion, it is the perfect mix between the gorgeous Lolita style, and cutting edge shapes, patterns and colors. Because we love this style so much, we have thought about bringing you this really gorgeous and exciting dress up game, called Manga Doll Creator, in which you are going o be given the opportunity to create your own beautiful doll. But not just a doll, a pretty little manga doll. You will be able to mix and match all of the fantastic items that we have prepared for you, and in the end make this cute little doll look like the one you have always dreamt of having.
Tafelstrainen Game

Plays: 500
Category: Education Games
"Tafels trainen" (in English: tables training) is a simple math game that has been developed to help children with their math-drill. You can practice the multiplication tables up to 10, gain levels and best of all: the sums are adjusted at your skills during the game. If you create an account, your progress is being registered in the database so you can continue your workout the next time.
Kitty Combo Game

Plays: 496
Category: Shooting Games
Kitty loves playing with the colorful birds. Help her match the birds together to create combos and clear the flock before they reach the dog! Combine powerup birds, watch out for deflectors, and use perfect aim in this fun bubble-shooting puzzle game!
Party Rockers Game

Plays: 495
Category: Customize Games
These party rocking girls know how to have a good time. They always throw the most exciting parties and wear the most fashionable outfits out of all of their friends. Do you have what it takes to party with these cool girls? Tonight they are on the guest list for the hottest club in town. You're invited to join them for a night of fun and dancing, but first you have to get ready. Choose from the huge selection of fashionable clothing and accessories, and create a look to debut on the dance floor tonight. Dress up so that you can rock the party wearing your stylish new outfit and dance the night away with all eyes on you!
Klax Game

Plays: 494
Category: Puzzles Games
Catch the tiles as they reach the end of the belt. Stack them in the tile bin to create lines of 3+ tiles (of the same colour) to make them disappear. The game ends after 5 tiles have been dropped!
Steampunk Sally Game

Plays: 487
Category: Dress-Up Games
Judith was a professor of clockwork humanities. Now as a philosopher, critic, and theorist of the steampunk theologies, she's finding trouble in her latest flying zeppelin machine. Just like Icarus flying too close to the sun, she's worried about crafting a machine that could malfunction at a moment's notice! Just like the perfect outfit, it just takes a single error to make the entire flying machine come crumbling down. Test her theories and create a fantastic look inside and out of this airship.
Movie Star Dress Up Game

Plays: 480
Category: Dress-Up Games
Browse the glamorous hair, make up, jewelry, and dress up options to create the ultimate red carpet look for an up and coming starlet.
Style Your Nails Game

Plays: 480
Category: Dress-Up Games
Nail care is almost the most important part of beauty! Now Let's create top fashion nails for the pretty girl!
Emo Haircuts Game

Plays: 480
Category: Dress-Up Games
Our friend here turned to be a real Emo girl and the first thing she took care of was her make up! She started creating herself all kinds of dark make up looks using deep purple or black shades for her eyeshadow matched with a red lipstick, and then she started looking for the best clothes meant to help her to better express. Now that she's one step away from getting a complete Emo look, she needs some professional help from a super talented hairstylist to create her an unique haircut - so, can you girls help her out?
Jaime Mahjong Your Levels Game

Plays: 480
Category: Other Games
Mahjong Solitaire game with level editor. Play 85 different and solvable mahjong solitaire levels and if that is not enough you can create your own levels and submit them and play them online.
New Home Kitchen Decoration Game

Plays: 478
Category: Customize Games
New homes need new kitchens. A big modern kitchen is a place where the entire family can come together and share stories, jokes, and delicious, and sometimes not so tasty :), meals! Create a beautiful kitchen for this big family!
Royal Baby Shower Game

Plays: 473
Category: Other Games
This baby is about to get the royal treatment. Pamper him from head to toe: first give him a royal shower and bath, then hurry up and change his diaper so he can feel fresh and clean. Get to the most fun part: an awesome makeover with lots of royal outfits and accessories. Create the most divine look for him and make sure he looks pretty cute!
How Do I Look? 2 Game

Plays: 472
Category: Dress-Up Games
It's time to create a whole new look for yourself!
Fair Isle Style Game

Plays: 468
Category: Dress-Up Games
For long walks in the park, to keep up with the newest trends or if you just want to feel comfy and chic in a gloomy rainy day, then you girls should start looking for these new, fresh and modern knitted clothing pieces in the Fair Isle style. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns in a wide variety of designs and with multiple colors, it is so fashionable nowadays and it sure to keep you warm, comfy and chic during these chilly days! Find out the one that best suits your style and feel free to match it up with brightly colored make up looks and lovely new hairstyles. Enjoy!
Tango Lover Game

Plays: 467
Category: Dress-Up Games
Fell the passion and join us for a tango dance. Play this game and create a charming look for a tango dancer. Choose from a variety of dancing dresses and don't forget to pick some accessories too!
Italian Villa Girl Game

Plays: 465
Category: Dress-Up Games
Every year, this lovely girl travels to Italy to visit her family at their gorgeous villa. There are many things to do on the villa grounds, including riding horses, walking through gorgeous gardens, eating gourmet food and more. Tonight, her family will be hosting a luxurious dinner party under the moonlight. She can't wait to spend the evening with her family members, eating dinner while catching up about all that has happened over the past year. But, before she can head down to dinner, she'll need to get ready. Browse the wide selection of traditional gowns, dazzling jewelry, gorgeous hairstyles and more, to create a gorgeous look for this posh Italian girl in this fun online dress up game for girls!

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