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  Paranormal Hunter A Free Online Game
Zombie Death Match A Free Online Game
Zombie Death Match
An Average Bus Ride A Free Online Game
An Average Bus Ride
Christmas Present Train A Free Online Game
Christmas Present Train
PLANES DEATHS A Free Online Game
Sandy Bridge DRM Attack A Free Online Game
Sandy Bridge DRM Attack
World War:Final Frontier A Free Online Game
World War:Final Frontier

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Bride Dressup Game

Plays: 2451
Category: Customize Games
Bride dressup lets you create various wedding outfits with beautiful wedding gowns, glamorous jewellery, crowns and accessories. When you’re done just print your lovely result.
Skullhunter - ricochet Game

Plays: 2447
Category: Puzzles Games
Richicet your arrows and try to complete 30 chalanging levels! Create and share levels with other players!
Xmas creator Game

Plays: 2446
Category: Customize Games
Create your character with the right clothing and unlock the special animation!
Create Enemies Game

Plays: 2442
Category: Shooting Games
Create more enemies by killing one. See how long you can survive. Controls: Move mouse to rotate your gun. Click mouse to fire bullets.
5 Card Solitaire Game

Plays: 2438
Category: Cards Games
5 Card Solitaire is a fast-paced card game where you need to create the best poker hands. Use the Golden cards wisely, but watch out for the frozen cards and the bombs, or your game might end way too soon! Will you be able to catch all the wanted criminals?
Color Fun Time: Japan Game

Plays: 2436
Category: Other Games
Color a Japanese palace. Choose colors from the palette, or mix them in the automixer to create new colors. When you're done, you can print your creation, or trash it and start again.
Tumble Towers 2 Game

Plays: 2436
Category: Puzzles Games
Play through 60 levels and 4 different game modes. You can also Create your own crazy towers or contraptions and then Share them with the world, through our community section.
Quest For Power Game

Plays: 2425
Category: Strategy Games
It is the year 867 A.D. and you play the part of a young boy called Arthur, who dreams of being King! Help Arthur create and command an army to defeat 7 kings and queens who rule the land! Travel across 14 unique levels. Use your powerful catapult to hurl boulders and magical potions at the enemies armies and defenses!
TAOFEWA - Ace of Fire - Hero Creator Game

Plays: 2420
Category: Customize Games
Create your very own manga hero with the TAOFEWA - Ace of Fire - Hero Creator. Customize one of the strongest creatures from the TAOFEWA manga universe - the best user of Fire abilities - the Ace of Fire. Mutate the Ace of Fire creature and give it brand new abilities, or simply give it new weapons to toy with!
Ukladanka/Puzzle Game

Plays: 2419
Category: Puzzles Games
Simple puzzle game with 4 difficulty settings and option to create puzzles from your own image. Put all the pieces in their place and do it faster then others
Word Gears Game

Plays: 2418
Category: Puzzles Games
Word Gears is an original word puzzle game in which you have to rotate the gears to create as much words as you can.
Ultimate Ice-cream Maker Game

Plays: 2416
Category: Customize Games
Create a yummy delicious ice-cream with all different kinds of toppings.
Irish Roast Cooking Game

Plays: 2411
Category: Puzzles Games
New free bright online cooking game by Yummy Irish roast dish - lamb with vegetables and aromatic herbs and spices. You have a delicious recipe and all necessary ingredients so start to create. The hints inside the game will help you, use the mouse to control.
Viking Maker Game

Plays: 2398
Category: Customize Games
Create and dress up a fierce Viking woman!
Pink Planets Building Competition Game

Plays: 2397
Category: Adventure Games
The official Pink Planets Building Competition is now open! Help Simon the Space Hamster create the most magnificent buildings to win the competition and get those tickets to Space Camp.
Sand Jewel Toes Game

Plays: 2395
Category: Customize Games
Create your own creative style toes and jewels with lots of accessories to choose from.
Intel - The Chase Game

Plays: 2394
Category: Action Games
An amazing platform/puzzler game based on the hugely successful Intel “The Chase” video. Playing as Eva, you need to protect the package from the bad guys as you race across the world of your PC. Yup that’s right you are playing in a world of browsers, windows, desktops, games and there is even a bit of ASCII art thrown in. Nice touch with the LEVEL EDITOR, it’s another game in its own right, create your own levels and share them with friends to get the best rating and the highest rank in the Gallery.
Painted Skin Game

Plays: 2393
Category: Puzzles Games
Unfold the story of Painted Skin while playing this swapping puzzle game, keep on swapping the pieces till you create the original picture.
Bubbles Corporation Game

Plays: 2392
Category: Action Games
3 games in 1: Drawing, Shooting and Catching; You are a co-owner of a company producing bubbles. And you fight against your competitors. Create your own Logo. Catch all bubbles and print your logo. Kill all competitors bubbles.
Fruit Slot Game

Plays: 2391
Category: Casino Games
A Slot machine contains three spinning reels that are marked with symbols. Each time a player makes a spin the three reels come to rest randomly with a selection of symbols that show within the game window. These symbols create combinations and specific combinations results in a payoff.

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Tips: Explosion graphics animate until the end of their timeline and then disappear. A single frame explosion will disappear almost instantly and not look that great. Usually 20-40 frames for an explosion should work well.