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Online hunter Games
Bug Hunter 2 Game

Plays: 4618
Category: Action Games
You are Bug Hunter, it's your job to destroy dangerous bug-mutants. Kill insects and earn money. Buy new weapons and upgrades.
SSSG - Farm Crystal Hunter Game

Plays: 4592
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Sneaky find all 100 crystals that have been lost around the farm. Find them all and find them fast for a high score!
SSSG - Crystal Hunter 2 at Disneyland™ Game

Plays: 4575
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Super Sneaky Spy Guy find all of the missing crystals that were lost in Disneyland. Find them as fast as you can for the highest score!
SSSG - Nature Crystal Hunter Game

Plays: 4485
Category: Adventure Games
Help Sneaky find all of the 100 missing crystals in Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Nature Crystal Hunter!
M-Hunter Game

Plays: 4413
Category: Puzzles Games
A big cruel mole tries to steal the harvest of vegetables. You has to hit the mole and help Granny to save the vegetables.
SSSG - Crystal Hunter Spain Game

Plays: 4395
Category: Adventure Games
Help Super Sneaky Spy Guy find all of the crystals lost in beautiful Spain. Find them all quick for a high score!
SSSG - Penguins Game

Plays: 4374
Category: Adventure Games
Find all of the crystals that have been lost!
California Crystal Hunter Game

Plays: 4357
Category: Adventure Games
California Crystal Hunter takes you to the most beautiful places in California on the hunt for crystals. Find all of the hidden crystals fast for a high score!
Fortune Hunter Game

Plays: 4330
Category: Adventure Games
Find hidden objects and spot the differences in order to succeed in the world of hard-core poker players
Hunter 007 Game

Plays: 4321
Category: Driving Games
Get your racing thrill on in this drive and blast game!
Gold Hunter Game

Plays: 4302
Category: Action Games
Collect all the gold and shoot your way through enemies in this very fun game.
Bird Hunting 2 Game

Plays: 4225
Category: Action Games
Bird Hunting 2, are shooting game, based on your accuracy, try to kill orage bird if you want to get great score, but they're so difficult to getting dead. enjoy at Bird Hunting 2
Christmas 2010 Hunter Game

Plays: 4175
Category: Puzzles Games
Christmas 2010 photo hunter. Spot 5 differences in each scene of Christmas 2010. The game including 3 scenes.
The Dragons Adventure Game

Plays: 4141
Category: Action Games
Ride a mystical dragon past flying islands to do battle with evil sorcerers and winged beasts! Only the brave and fast in flight will survive as you engage your enemy in combat, collecting bonuses to improve your armor and health, and buying power-ups for your dragon! Spare no mercy against your foes and reap the rewards of their defeat, flying farther in your quest, until you win the ultimate battle!
Sheep Hunter Game

Plays: 4140
Category: Puzzles Games
Place your spaceship on specified tile which is locked. Collect all the sheep's to get the tile unlocked. Try less time to score maximum.
Bird Hunter Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Action Games
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to an expert bowman like Robin Hood ? Now you can prove your skill in this beautiful world for hunters. Shoot down the birds as they fly by. If the birds escape your view, you'll get frustrated. If your frustration bar gets empty you will lose, and you will have to go back home. Maybe, if you prove your skill, you will make it to the Hunters Hall of Fame.
Hunter Game

Plays: 4017
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot down all the white birds and try not to hit the colored ones.
Hunter Zombies Game

Plays: 4010
Category: Action Games
Kill most zombies if possible, but be careful when firing.
Dzik Hunter Game

Plays: 3983
Category: Shooting Games
Fast, simple shooter.
Fruit Hunt Game

Plays: 3977
Category: Puzzles Games
Fun and skill game..

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