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Hunter 007
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Online hunter Games
Pepee Star Hunter Game

Plays: 1719
Category: Action Games
-Firstly, You should take the red star, then can take other stars. -One contains the private keys of other stars. -Collect all the stars.
Super Hunter Game

Plays: 1716
Category: Action Games
Jack is a Super Hunter. This time he was ordered to follow an international thief. The thief however , is very aware of his surroundings.
Star Hunter Game

Plays: 1691
Category: Action Games
Collect the ten stars on each level to open the exit. Move and jump by using the arrow keys.
Duck Hunter Game

Plays: 1685
Category: Shooting Games
Use mouse left click.
Treasure Hunter Pink Monster Game

Plays: 1669
Category: Adventure Games
Pink monster treasure hunter game
Monkey Hunter Game

Plays: 1654
Category: Shooting Games
Use mouse.
Black Knife Hunter Game

Plays: 1652
Category: Action Games
The hero of this game is a hunter who uses a giant black knife. His mission is to kill the monsters in the village.
Alien Hunter Game

Plays: 1614
Category: Action Games
Help the colonists survive the alien hordes!
Pinka the Witch Hunter Game

Plays: 1612
Category: Puzzles Games
Pinka is on a shooting for her upcoming movie for Halloween. In this shoot pinka have to rescue a boy who was kidnapped by a witch. Pinka is the best sharpshooter in the forest! In this bow and arrow game you have to help pinka to shoot the witch and save the boy. You should shoot the witch without noticed by her. The witch will notice you if you shoot quickly then your game will come to an end. Good luck and have fun!
Paper Rabbit Fortune Hunter Game

Plays: 1600
Category: Action Games
To everyone: From my deep heart, I want to thank those who have helped me. Without you, I will never complete my dreams so soon. (Witch grandma,I will not blame you as you also help me grow.) 2012.6.29 Baby Rabbit
Treasure Hunter: Maze Of Darkness! Game

Plays: 1585
Category: Action Games
Find the exit of the maze of darkness before your lamp runs out of oil...or else!
Treasure Hunter: Defend The Supplies! Game

Plays: 1579
Category: Action Games
The barman has a varmint problem and needs your help! Shoot the rabbits, ducks, and bears to save his supplies! In return, he'll give you some coins. You can then use your earned coins for a head start at Treasure Hunter MMO!
Duck hunter: Riverside Game

Plays: 1565
Category: Action Games
The big hunt begins. You need to shoot the ducks to score the maximum number of points. The Blue watch added a time. The Red clock takes a time. The star adds extra points. Show your agility and prove that you are the best hunter. Happy hunting.
The Dragons Adventure Game

Plays: 1545
Category: Adventure Games
Ride a mystical dragon past flying islands to do battle with evil sorcerers and winged beasts! Only the brave and fast in flight will survive as you engage your enemy in combat, collecting bonuses to improve your armor and health, and buying power-ups for your dragon! Spare no mercy against your foes and reap the rewards of their defeat, flying farther in your quest, until you win the ultimate battle!
StoneAgeHunter Game

Plays: 1520
Category: Action Games
game about hunter, which fights with angry ducks -Nice art -Simple gameplay -Timekiller
Treasure Hunter Monster Game

Plays: 1517
Category: Strategy Games
Sweet pink monster collect the gold
Hunter 007 Game

Plays: 1516
Category: Driving Games
Get your racing thrill on in this drive and blast game!
Doll Hunter Game

Plays: 1490
Category: Shooting Games
The doll rides on the big dog to begin his hunting career...
Abutu the Hunter Game

Plays: 1442
Category: Action Games
You are a female hunter in Africa. Let's put your gun skills to the test. Shoot down as many birds as you can.
Fish Hunter Deluxe Game

Plays: 1437
Category: Action Games
Slap them if you can !!

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.