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Online Gems Games
Hidden Gemstones: Horses 2 Game

Plays: 6271
Category: Adventure Games
Help beautiful horses to find 56 hidden gems, you have 500 seconds and each of the horse pictures contains 7 hidden gemstones, wrong click adds 1 second to overall time. Good Luck!
Whack-A-Troll Quest Game

Plays: 6249
Category: Action Games
Fight your way from place to place collecting gems with 16 different weapons in this twist on the classic game of "Whack-A-Mole"
Pigs On Ice Game

Plays: 6193
Category: Action Games
36 levels of Ice-skating madness. Play on your phone or PC. Complete all figure skating routines and become the Ice skating master. The routines are completed by collecting gems and orbs. Some routines have to be completed in a predefined time that starts counting down as soon as you start the routine. As you progress new obstacles and bonuses become available.
Arabells Gems 2 Game

Plays: 6172
Category: Puzzles Games
Addictive free online bright hidden object game with 4 levels by There is a list of objects that should be found in the cabin, park, kitchen and ambulance. Click at the object and it will disappear. In case you have troubles use Hint bonus. The game is free with four levels, excellent graphics and relaxing music.

Plays: 6051
Category: Puzzles Games
UNDER Petroleum compagnie Digging, collecting gems and finding oil Without getting crushed by the rocks
Wedding Nails Makeover Game

Plays: 6041
Category: Dress-Up Games
Wedding nail makeover lets you change the color of your nails, add bright gems and glitter.
Barbie Ride Game

Plays: 5823
Category: Driving Games
Ride your sweet barbie on her scooty bike.Collect gems to score points on your way.Be careful with the path, you have three chance to survive.
Breaker Game

Plays: 5744
Category: BoardGame Games
Fun match three game.
Magical Gems Game

Plays: 5727
Category: Action Games
Help the Guardian battle evil wizards who wants to take control of the Magical Gems.
Collision Course Game

Plays: 5601
Category: Action Games
A fast paced arcade-style matching game that involves hand-eye coordination and strategy.
Fantasy Gems Action Game

Plays: 5525
Category: Action Games
In this game swap gems to match three or more in a row or in a column. When matched, the gems will disappear and you will receive points! The stack of gems grows from below the screen and when it reaches the top you will lose! Of course there are a few seconds in which you can make some fast moves to save your butt!
Jumping Man Game

Plays: 5451
Category: Action Games
Jump for your life, as the blocks you’re standing on gets higher or falls into the water. Collect gems to earn extra points, so you can beat your friends highscore!
Colors Game

Plays: 5439
Category: BoardGame Games
You must fill the board with blocks with the same color.
Tropical Gems Game

Plays: 5339
Category: Adventure Games
Rotate nearest gems to make matches of three or more!
Candy Faces Game

Plays: 5322
Category: BoardGame Games
Match 3 type of game with candy faces. Remove backgrounds with time and bomb bonusses.
Semi-precious ring Game

Plays: 5322
Category: Customize Games
Design your ring! There are many ways to make a very elegant and unique ring with these gems.
Gem Swap Luxury Game

Plays: 5303
Category: Puzzles Games
There are lots of charming luxury gems. Clear the gems by swapping them!
Feed Mr. Peterson Game

Plays: 5298
Category: Puzzles Games
Are you the one who can feed Mr. Peterson the most? In a puzzle combination of Collapse and Resource Management, you have 60 seconds to feed Mr. Peterson as much food and colored gems as possible.
BedazzledFOG Game

Plays: 5275
Category: Puzzles Games
Match the jewels in this colourful puzzle game. Create combo's and make the gems cascade to reach the highscore. Match more gems together and create special gems which explode, fire lightning and more.
Hidden Gemstones: Christmas Rooms Game

Plays: 5224
Category: Adventure Games
Search for 30 hidden gemstones, after all gemstones found door will open and you will be able to escape! Try to escape as fast as you can in order to receive best score. Good Luck!

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.