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Online Gems Games
P-Cat Bubble Shooter Game

Plays: 7373
Category: Puzzles Games
Bubble Shooter? No, no thats too mainstream. Now you have cats to shoot at other cats and dogs.
Blocks and Stars 2 Game

Plays: 7259
Category: Puzzles Games
Now your favorite game has more items to collect! Click on groups of three or more blocks with the same color to remove them. Click on bombs or arrows to remove large groups of random blocks and collect items like stars,coins and diamonds.
Monster Gems Game

Plays: 7207
Category: Puzzles Games
Destroy monsters by creating lines of 3 or more monsters of the same kind. You can move the monsters by using the mouse to click and swap adjacent monsters.
Sneaky's Journey 3 Game

Plays: 7155
Category: Adventure Games
Sneaky's Journey 3 is a new adventure game created by Melting-Mindz Sneaky is on a new journey around the world to gather 10 sacred gems.The first 2 gems has been recovered. Now you must find the third ot the 10 gems. Use your super sneaky skills to search for items and solve puzzles to find the sacred gems.
Fantasy Gems Game

Plays: 7121
Category: Puzzles Games
Swap gems to match three or more in row or in column. When matched, the gems will disappear and you will receive some points. The stack of gems grows from below and when it reaches the top you lose. Of course there are few seconds in which you can make some fast moves and save your skin! Use your mouse to select gems and click to swap them. Press Enter to move up the gems.
Diamonds Game

Plays: 7090
Category: Puzzles Games
Group the diamonds into 2 or more of the same color...
Surroubble Game

Plays: 7021
Category: Action Games
Circular bubble shooter! Shoot bubbles, collect powerups and avoid getting bubbles too close to your turret.
Rox Game

Plays: 7008
Category: Puzzles Games
Fast paced and frantic gem stacking game with a twist! Rotate the field to form groups of same colored gems, and click them to remove them! Play in Open Play, Obstruction mode or Timed mode.
Kawaii Bubble Shooter Game

Plays: 6939
Category: Puzzles Games
Kawaii Bubble Shooter is fun and addictive match three game.
P-Cat Invasion Game

Plays: 6877
Category: BoardGame Games
The cats and the dogs are invading your computer! Now is the time for you ti fight back and stop them.
Reversi Gems Game

Plays: 6876
Category: Puzzles Games
Each time you click a gem it will change its color and the color of the 4 (or less) gems around it. You have to try to make all the gems get active using as few moves as you can, or as fast as you can, depending on the game mode. And there is also a bonus mode, where you have to try to make the forms there are showed to gain bonus in the final score.
GemsMagic Bubble Shooter Game

Plays: 6843
Category: BoardGame Games
Bubble shooter game with gems. Aim at groups of two or more gems of the same type to remove them.
Christmas Day Game

Plays: 6830
Category: Puzzles Games
Click and drag a row of items, forming groups of three or more stones. Collecting 100 items will take you to the next level. You will get bonus At the end of each level. The game has a time limit of four minutes.
Scramball 2 Game

Plays: 6815
Category: Puzzles Games
Want more ball rolling fun? Well the sequel is here! Zoom your way through 3 time based worlds to attain gems to have a go at the 10 master levels! Do you have what it takes to Scramball?
HDOS Databank request 01 Game

Plays: 6725
Category: Puzzles Games
Welcome to the HDOS Databank Mainframe. The file "Secret Government Projects 1954 - 2008.xls" is protected. Please unlock all security layers to gain access. Your actions are monitored and saved. Have a wonderful day.
Gem Cave Adventure Game

Plays: 6703
Category: Action Games
Jump, run and swing around to collect all diamonds in gem cave. Collect diamonds or complete quests to get money and spend this money for your town. Plant trees, build houses or even castles! Find hidden treasure chests to get even more money. Unlock new outfits for your charakter as you spend money for your town. Do you have enough skills to collect all 50 diamonds? Can you beat the record in every cave?
Hidden Gemstones Escape Rooms Game

Plays: 6686
Category: Adventure Games
Search for 30 hidden gemstones, each of the rooms contains 3 hidden gems, after you found 3 gems in current room you will be directed to next room. Good Luck!
Jewel Blaster Game

Plays: 6639
Category: Action Games
Launch jewels to form matches & build up chain reactions and get to the top of the leader boards!
Gemnastics Game

Plays: 6577
Category: Puzzles Games
A gem matching game where you move shapes around the board and can change their shape and color.
Dwarven Miner Game

Plays: 6409
Category: Adventure Games
As a dwarven miner just starting out in the mining business you dig for a variety of ores, gems, precious metals. You level up in your mining skills, digging for more valuable things with time, earning more money. With the money earned you will be able to make your mine your home and buy fancy decoration, furniture, gadgets, etc…

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.