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Diva's & Divo's

Online Toto Games
DOLI- 100 Differences Game

Plays: 8218
Category: Puzzles Games
The story of the four friends: Mina, Lisa and Toto is revealed in this wonderful 10 levels difference game. Spot all 100 differences and discover their life.
Escape the mall -DoliDoli Game

Plays: 7686
Category: Puzzles Games
Use your intuition and clue-searching talent to figure out ways to help each of the four DoliDoli friends escape.
DOLI- Cooking Incredible Game

Plays: 7124
Category: Puzzles Games
The two adorable pets are spending their afternoon in the DoliDoli kitchen, trying to master the cooking skills. Come join them in a unique game where you have to prepare a fruit salad, some chicken soup and a chocolate cake, by determining ingredients to fall in the right spot.
Where's My Blankie? Game

Plays: 6679
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Toto recover his blankie through all 10 levels.
DOLI- Where's My Blankie 2 Game

Plays: 5949
Category: Adventure Games
" Where's My Blankie? 2"is a super sequel of the first Where's My Blankie? game, having another set of 10 super interesting levels, each one with a different task to keep the players interested. Toto is the main character featuring them all, adding up to the fun of the entire game.
DOLI- Toto's Tea Party Game

Plays: 4683
Category: Other Games
Toto is organizing a most delicious Tea Party and has invited his DoliDoli friends to join the fun. Serve tea, cookies and yummy treats to Sisi, Lisa and Mina and help Toto have a successful tea party.
ranger robo toto Game

Plays: 4407
Category: Action Games
an addicting shooting game
Big House Cleanup Game

Plays: 3830
Category: Education Games
Help the four friends cleanup the Big House
Toto in the Rain Game

Plays: 3738
Category: Other Games
Help Toto stay dry in the summer rain, as you avoid those heavy water drops
The CountrySide Game

Plays: 3606
Category: Strategy Games
Join the cute Doli pets in their farm adventure and help them take care of cows, horses, chickens and sheep. Toto is doing all the hard work, so he could really use your help feeding and grooming the animals up at the countryside!
DOLI- Toto's Quest Game

Plays: 3526
Category: Adventure Games
Toto is on a special mission to save Tina and you need to help him get through the levels' tasks. Join the quest adventure and enjoy our story in the enchanted forests and the haunted castle.
DOLI- Ice Cream Stand Game

Plays: 3470
Category: Adventure Games
Serve some delicious ice-creams to the four DoliDoli friends
Doli Volley Championship Game

Plays: 3324
Category: Sports Games
Join the open-air sports fun and accept the challenge in the Doli Volley Championship. Play some super volleyball sets with Sisi or Toto and taste the real fun!
DOLI- Pack for Vacation Game

Plays: 3308
Category: Other Games
A super fun vacation is on its way and you need to pack everything! Can you find all the items that need to be packed for vacation? Help Sisi, Toto, Mina and Lisa prepare their luggage and tidy-up their rooms.
DOLI-Kisses for Toto Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Adventure Games
Kiss Toto and help him kiss back the beautiful Tina. No one is to see them kiss, so be on the look-out
Toto's Falling Stars Game

Plays: 3086
Category: Strategy Games
join Toto in his quest to catch all the falling stars out there and help him fulfill his wishes.
Find the Treasure Vegetable Game

Plays: 3077
Category: Adventure Games
Toto found the treasure map by an accident! The treasures are the vegetables that sparkle. But the road to finding the treasures is a complex maze. Try to solve the maze by using the mouse and find the treasure vegetables.
Sisi Wants Toto's Cake Game

Plays: 2906
Category: Customize Games
Help Sisi copy the delicious cake recipes from Toto and replicate the same exact one for a yummy result and the chance to move to the next level.
Toto's Pies Game

Plays: 2778
Category: Other Games
Have fun with Toto in his pie delivery shop as you prepare the yummy treats for the hungry customers. Toto's pies are the best, with lots of delicious ingredients!
Apple Picking Game

Plays: 2715
Category: Other Games
Join Sisi and Toto in the garden today as you help them find and pick fruits for delicious pies.

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