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Online dolidoli Games
DOLI- 100 Differences Game

Plays: 8219
Category: Puzzles Games
The story of the four friends: Mina, Lisa and Toto is revealed in this wonderful 10 levels difference game. Spot all 100 differences and discover their life.
Escape the mall -DoliDoli Game

Plays: 7687
Category: Puzzles Games
Use your intuition and clue-searching talent to figure out ways to help each of the four DoliDoli friends escape.
DOLI- Cooking Incredible Game

Plays: 7125
Category: Puzzles Games
The two adorable pets are spending their afternoon in the DoliDoli kitchen, trying to master the cooking skills. Come join them in a unique game where you have to prepare a fruit salad, some chicken soup and a chocolate cake, by determining ingredients to fall in the right spot.
Where's My Blankie? Game

Plays: 6680
Category: Puzzles Games
Help Toto recover his blankie through all 10 levels.
Sisi's Great Escape Game

Plays: 5013
Category: Other Games
help Sisi in her great escape and prove you can win any challenge
DOLI- Dressup Mina Game

Plays: 4824
Category: Dress-Up Games
dress-up Mina for a school day, for sports and for a pajama party
DOLI- Animal Farm Game

Plays: 4719
Category: Education Games
Lisa has discovered her passion for the lovely farm animals and now she takes care of them daily. But today, Lisa wants to meet up with some friends, so she will leave you in charge of her dear sheeps and cows. Make Lisa proud by feeding, cleaning and taking real good care of her farm animals.
DOLI- Toto's Tea Party Game

Plays: 4684
Category: Other Games
Toto is organizing a most delicious Tea Party and has invited his DoliDoli friends to join the fun. Serve tea, cookies and yummy treats to Sisi, Lisa and Mina and help Toto have a successful tea party.
DOLI- Fluffy Birdies Game

Plays: 4353
Category: Puzzles Games
Lisa and Mina have to match up pairs of three birdies to make them twitter and jump over in their basket. A fun, skills game perfect for any day!
Doli Donuts Game

Plays: 4156
Category: Customize Games
Decorate the yummy looking donut just the way you like it to be. Choose your favorite topping, sauce and donut accessories too!
Mina's Jewelry Shop Game

Plays: 4045
Category: Strategy Games
The glittering accessories Mina serves in her Jewelry Shop need to be catered to the stiff customers walking in, so make sure you keep the high society women satisfied with the precious necklaces, bracelets and rings you provide them with.
Mina's Popping Candies Game

Plays: 3845
Category: Action Games
Mina welcomes you to a delicious addictive game, filled with popping candies. See them spark and disappear as you made some bonus points!
Big House Cleanup Game

Plays: 3831
Category: Education Games
Help the four friends cleanup the Big House
DOLI- Toto's Quest Game

Plays: 3528
Category: Adventure Games
Toto is on a special mission to save Tina and you need to help him get through the levels' tasks. Join the quest adventure and enjoy our story in the enchanted forests and the haunted castle.
DOLI- Ice Cream Stand Game

Plays: 3484
Category: Adventure Games
Serve some delicious ice-creams to the four DoliDoli friends
Sisi Got Kissed Game

Plays: 3462
Category: Other Games
While on vacation, Sisi got kissed by the handsome kitten. Your task is to help the two love-kitten hide their kissing session from the eyes of everybody else. Have fun and help Sisi get more kisses in her vacation with the DoliDoli family!
Holiday Cleanup Game

Plays: 3459
Category: Strategy Games
cleanup for the holidays
DOLI- Cake Laboratory Game

Plays: 3117
Category: Strategy Games
Spend the day in the Doli Cake laboratory and prepare some of the most delicious cakes ever! Top them with fruits and whipped cream and serve them up to the Doli friends.
DOLI-Kisses for Toto Game

Plays: 3096
Category: Adventure Games
Kiss Toto and help him kiss back the beautiful Tina. No one is to see them kiss, so be on the look-out
Toto's Falling Stars Game

Plays: 3088
Category: Strategy Games
join Toto in his quest to catch all the falling stars out there and help him fulfill his wishes.

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.