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  Pacific 1941 A Free Online Game
WWII dog fight A Free Online Game
WWII dog fight
Nebulous A Free Online Game
eagle A Free Online Game
Battle Wizards A Free Online Game
Battle Wizards
Thor vs The Dark Evill A Free Online Game
Thor vs The Dark Evill
Bird Shooting A Free Online Game
Bird Shooting

Online sports Games
Platform Golf Game

Plays: 7955
Category: Sports Games
Platform Golf is flash 2D golf game.
Bowling Alley Game

Plays: 7843
Category: Sports Games
Wanna flex you fingers and skill at aiming a bit? The best loved lounge game is here! Sharpen your hindsight and magic fingers grip on the bowling ball at the Bowling Alley.
Waterfun MOBILE Game

Plays: 7719
Category: Sports Games
Play waterski on your cell-phone!
Ghost Highway Game

Plays: 7651
Category: Driving Games
Fun and exciting test the hardness of your hand, motility and ability to concentrate.The game has three levels of increasing complexity due to increasing speed.You can check the speed of response at any level.Tractor - slowly, truck - faster, and finally the extreme speed of a sports car.All vehicles are automatically moves along the road that you build yourself.The road is laid by moving the cursor to the right.Physically, the management is carried out quickly by moving the cursor to the right and release the mouse button (until you release the finger button, the road is just a phantom line, and cars are falling).If the car has dropped - you slowly build the road. If the car buried in an obstacle, or hung on the wheels, or turned upside down, then you have not built a comfortable road.The game is interesting for its highly realistic physics and the freedom to create the configuration of the road (hills, descents, jumps - you create yourself) ...
Sni[p]r Game

Plays: 7598
Category: Action Games
Fight off the hordes of enemies in this action-packed sniper defence game!
Cat Fish Fry 2 Game

Plays: 7535
Category: Action Games
Catfish Fry V2! Try to catch 25 Catfish in 3 minutes, eat snacks and don't catch any Gators Yall! Can you do it? Available as a mobile game as well!
Simple Soccer Game

Plays: 7515
Category: Sports Games
Simple Soccer played with a mouse. Challenge the World on your way to victory!
Keep It Up Game

Plays: 7485
Category: Sports Games
Click the soccer ball and keep it up in the air as long as possible. Juggle the ball and try to get the highest score possible. Don't let it touch the ground.
Free Biker Girl Game

Plays: 7402
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up in a cool suit and ride your sports bike before summer's over!
Infinity FX Game

Plays: 7369
Category: Puzzles Games
The powerful Infinity FX 45 is yours to tune - trick it out and see what beast you'll unleash.
Quickshot Red Game

Plays: 7342
Category: Shooting Games
Quickshot Red - Shoot as many targets as you can and score as much as possible. Will you score highest and be the champion? Harder than orange, and the most challenging of the series!
2 Fast 2 Furious Street Racer Game

Plays: 7306
Category: Driving Games
If you are into fast cars, car racing and stuff then you must be a fan of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Well, in this game you are gonna be Brian OConnor. Now get in the car and win the street race!
My Dream Car Game

Plays: 7272
Category: BoardGame Games
Fun and Creative Car Building game for Kids to improve children's creativity and accuracy
Tennis Champions Game

Plays: 7238
Category: Action Games
Challenge the world's best tennis players, in a three stage tournament. Master this addictive sports game, and become the grand tennis champion.
Fury Car Racing Game

Plays: 7126
Category: Driving Games
Wonder what Pro racer do to improve their total speed and performance?... Well heres what they do "Time Trial Racing"
Picture Penalty Game

Plays: 7045
Category: Education Games
Part of being a successful soccer referee is having a good eye. Prove your ability by pointing out infractions in post-game pictures as quickly as possible. If you make a bad call, though, you will be penalized!
Ping Ping Champion Game

Plays: 7017
Category: Puzzles Games
Ping Pong Champion is a pong game with a twist! It uses your webcam to detect movement (also works with mouse). Shoot the bubbles!
Box10 Bmx Game

Plays: 7014
Category: Sports Games
Box10 Bmx is NOT for the faint hearted! Pull off some awesome stunts to earn points and unlock new levels!
TV Darts Show Game

Plays: 6970
Category: Sports Games
Keep your eye on the prize in this exciting rendition of darts. TV Darts show has you stepping up to the oche and throwing your arrows at specific points on the dart board. But things aren't as easy as they sound, moving targets, danger zones and time limits are against you as you strive for the prize.
Circus of Idiots - Trapeze Game

Plays: 6936
Category: Action Games
Welcome to the Circus of Idiots, arguably the worst circus in the world. Control the world's worst trapeze artist, to complete as many jumps across the trapeze as possible. You score for each successful jump. Make sure you time your jumps perfectly though, or this may very well be his final act.

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Tips: For a scope shot set the Player weapon speed to zero. Change the player weapon graphic to a circle that gets quickly smaller and then stretch the frame out around 4000 frames so it doesn't repeat itself.