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Online bricks Games
10 10 10 Game

Plays: 4009
Category: Action Games
Team up with the rest of the world to reach a total score of 101,010 by 10/10/10.
Arkanoid Game

Plays: 3960
Category: Action Games
Is your reflexes fast enough to catch the ball and rebound it back to hit all the bricks? Challenge yourself in this old time game.
Ninja Bricks Game

Plays: 3933
Category: Action Games
Test your reflexes and awareness in this funny, parody game.
Laubtris Highscore Version Game

Plays: 3923
Category: Action Games
Laubtris the Tetris Puzzle Game with 10 Levels. This is the online Highscore Version of Laubtris.
Bricks Breaking 2 (Facebook) Game

Plays: 3884
Category: Action Games
Race against the clock for the bricks breaking action!
FGS Bricks breaking game (high score version) Game

Plays: 3880
Category: BoardGame Games
A classic high score bricks breaking game, a fun game needs skill to score high, there are 180 bricks in total of red, blue and green color, score as high as you can
Word Bricks Game

Plays: 3873
Category: Action Games
Word Bricks is a retro-style game. Score as high as possible by making words,using the dopping letters, and watch the game becoming more colorful.
Brika Game

Plays: 3860
Category: Puzzles Games
A fun quick game that's easy to pick up and hard to put down :)
Cube Crash Chinese Game

Plays: 3846
Category: Puzzles Games
??3?????????,?????????,?????? !
Brick!3 Game

Plays: 3827
Category: Action Games
The ultimate brick game! Complete with level editor, realistic physics, powerups, and other assorted stuff.
Click A Brick Game

Plays: 3777
Category: Puzzles Games
Click on groups of 2 or more bricks of the same color to break them. Break 4 or more bricks at a time to get a bomb. Click on bombs to explode them, explode multiple bombs together to get massive chain combos for big points!
Candy Brick Game

Plays: 3761
Category: Strategy Games
Ever played Tetris upside down?
Perfect Balance: Harmony Editor Game

Plays: 3760
Category: Puzzles Games
Create and play your own Perfect Balance: Harmony levels using this editor! Send us your best levels and we’ll create a level pack, or add your level to Perfect Balance: Harmony iPhone & iPod Touch!
Rapid bricks breaking Game

Plays: 3715
Category: BoardGame Games
Bricks breaking game in short time modes, click on group of similar bricks to collapse them and earn points, too big a group too big the score. This game has even shorter time modes than the earlier to pump you adrenaline bit faster
Pumpkin Destruction Game

Plays: 3714
Category: Action Games
Pumpkin is ready to do some destruction, he is riding the Destructor that will destroy anything in his way.
Bricks Squasher (Facebook) Game

Plays: 3694
Category: Action Games
Separate the balls onto two sides.
Castlebuilder 3 Game

Plays: 3692
Category: Customize Games
This is the 3 version my game Castlebuilder. In Castlebuilder 3, you have some rocks, trees, bricks, knights, roofs canons, flags, horses, windows and more to build your own castle. You only have to drag & drop them to the place where you want to have them. In this Version you have 6 different Landscapes. (Grassland Iisland, Cliffs, Snow, Desert and Hell.
Bricks Breaking Hex (Facebook) Game

Plays: 3674
Category: Action Games
Destroy blocks in this hex variant of the classic Bricks Breaking game.
Tower Bricks (Facebook) Game

Plays: 3672
Category: Action Games
Stack bricks to form a sky high tower.
Fish Bricks Game

Plays: 3660
Category: Puzzles Games
Destroy the fish by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 fish. If you destroy a group with at least 15 fish, then you can get a bomb!

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.