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Online Witch Games
The Witch House Game

Plays: 3160
Category: Adventure Games
Today is Halloween day The Witch is missing daughter to help her to find her daughter
slime castle Game

Plays: 3109
Category: Adventure Games
It's not easy to find a old castle to live in.When you finally find one,maybe there are some monsters living there already.But I'm a witch I have my way.
60??? Game

Plays: 3080
Category: Puzzles Games
An intense match 3 game. You've got 60 seconds to gain as many points as possible. This one really drains your magic power fast.
Journey of Horror Game

Plays: 3061
Category: Action Games
Update: Changed the Start, Main, Movies, and Setting Menu Added A new Menu called Treasures Added Customize Controls Added Nerd Training School (Show you how to play the game) +Plus Voice Navigation Added a Help Button in the Level Select (Showing you how to unlock Level 2) Ton of Bugs fixed Story A boy named Nerd headed out of Happy Town unknowing to him he was entering the town of Halloween Night a town filled with monsters and magic. He was about a few minutes in town and that’s when it happened, he heard a loud sound. He started to run without looking until he ram into someone! It was a werewolf! The Nerd screamed and turned around only to find a vampire sneaking up on him, as he was about to be controlled by the vampire’s gaze. A witch flew past the vampire and grabbed the Nerd. The Nerd kicked and screamed! And at last was able to push away from the witch and fell into a lagoon. Then a fish monster tried to eat him. But before he did the Nerd dodged and started to run as fast as he could. He was somewhere in the center of town when he saw a CD just floating there. He felt a force pulling him to it. This was the same feeling he had when woke up today. It was calling him. The monsters were now around him and before they could get him, he took the CD and it brought out a light that made all the monsters fade into the CD.
Magic Flower VS Evil Witch Game

Plays: 3030
Category: Action Games
Magic Flower Fighting with the evil witch.
Spider Witch Game

Plays: 3028
Category: Dress-Up Games
dress-up the spider witch
Kings of Conquest 6 Game

Plays: 3021
Category: BoardGame Games
A Territorial Strategy War Game for Global Domination. This is a remake of an old computer war game called Lords of Conquest, with the addition of a few advanced units, like the witch, dragon, and assassin.
Rosy CB Witch Hideout Game

Plays: 3002
Category: Education Games
Rosy Coloring Book. Color the picture and print it out.
mooBalls Halloween Game

Plays: 2986
Category: Action Games
Experience a truly scary Halloween. This casual, arcade game for everyone was created for this special, frightening holiday. Connect as many the same halloween icons as you can, before they reach the top. Have fun terrified!
Kiss Me Game

Plays: 2977
Category: Other Games
Look!The beautiful girl is expressing her love for you!But..who is the woman beside the girl?Oops,the old witch comes to make trouble.She always considers that she is the woman who loves you most.Manange to avoid her,your sweetheart is waiting for you!
Stella Chic Witch Dressup Game

Plays: 2970
Category: Customize Games
Dressup winx stella
Witch Circle Mobile Game

Plays: 2914
Category: BoardGame Games
A Deluxe version of the great Witch Circle match 3 series. Optimized for mobile!
Strangely Beautiful Witch Dress Up Game

Plays: 2895
Category: Customize Games
Could this witch have you under a spell? She looks beautiful when witches are usually very ugly and green! Although you may be under her spell you should make the effort to make her outfit looks as good as possible or she could turn you into a toad! Take your time to get the outfit right as you never know how she might react to your styling preferences! There are many different items to choose from in this game, going through them all is the only true way to find the best outfit for this strangely beautiful witch.
Reghouled Game

Plays: 2881
Category: Puzzles Games
Trick yourself into matching 3 or more ghoulish images and treat your way to a high score.
Costume Party Dress-up Game

Plays: 2876
Category: Dress-Up Games
Mix and match the items of clothing and see how many fancy-dress costumes you can make. Then snap your creations with the camera to add them to the photo album. Have Fun.
Button's Halloween Dress Up Game

Plays: 2771
Category: Adventure Games
Dress up Button the girl in all kinds of cute and spooky halloween clothes and items. You can even change her hair, hair colour and face. Can you successfully brew the cauldron's potion 3 times? If you can you will be rewarded with fun bonus items to use in the game.
Halloween TetriZ Game

Plays: 2756
Category: Adventure Games
A classic with scary touches, play tetris in solo mode, or against the CPU. Happy Halloween! =)
Cute Girl on Halloween Game

Plays: 2727
Category: Puzzles Games
Cute girl on Halloween is a new type of point and click escape game from GAMES2RULE.COM. At midnight of Halloween, a cute girl dreaming about the jack o lantern pumpkin .It is a very special pumpkin in the world because if it is with you will be very great full and you get all the desires. The cute girl came to know it from a Halloween book stories .But a witch is keeping the Halloween in her house. The cute girl wants to get the Halloween pumpkin. Help her to get the pumpkin from the witch house and escape from there. Have Halloween fun festival games only at
Ghosts Hunt Game

Plays: 2723
Category: Dress-Up Games
To free the witch, you have to hunt all the ghosts.
FoodMatching Game

Plays: 2716
Category: Puzzles Games
Simple matching game in witch you try to match the same pictures of food.

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Tips: Weapon speed can be set to zero and it will effectively create a mine.