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  Dracula vs Zombies A Free Online Game
Bird Hunt A Free Online Game
Bird Hunt
astroid shooters A Free Online Game
astroid shooters
Mobile Lazzer Battle A Free Online Game
Mobile Lazzer Battle
Stacking Hats A Free Online Game
Stacking Hats
Star Termagant A Free Online Game
Star Termagant
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Clown Squirt

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Monster Buster Game

Plays: 6384
Category: Action Games
Defeat all kinds of classic Halloween monsters like Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Grim Reaper, Frog Man, and many more! This is a fantastic Halloween themed game for 2011. Get your trick or treat on! Build your own games like this on!
Graviton X2 Game

Plays: 5753
Category: Action Games
The interdimensional struggle continues as you fight along the outer rim of the observable universe. This is a classic bullet hell game where you battle masses of aliens before finally venturing forth and battling the aliens at their own homeworld. Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games.
World War Fupa Game

Plays: 5607
Category: Action Games
The world is no longer safe, There are fupas roaming free everywhere, destroying everything they get their little hands on, Fly your high technology plane and take them out before they destroy your planet!
Touch Down Drill Game

Plays: 5395
Category: Sports Games
You are the star quarterback of your football team, Comeplete the drills by thowing balls through the tires and dodging blockers from taking you down!
Quarterback Palooza Game

Plays: 5266
Category: Sports Games
Work on your aim by chucking footballs at the enemy players, in order to get ready for the last game of the season!
Fupa Nerd Battle Game

Plays: 5252
Category: Adventure Games
You are a nerd in the fupa world and have been being picked on by the jocks and meat heads in fupa world, Make sure that they never pick on you like that ever again by taking revenge to them. Good Luck!
Pacific 1941 Game

Plays: 4977
Category: Action Games
The world has been at war for months now, You have been ordered to protect small military islands for the United States over the pacific, Defend the islands from invasion under any circumstances DONT let them take over the pacific!
War Ship Defense Game

Plays: 4939
Category: Shooting Games
It's 1942 all over again and you're sitting in the Pacific on an American Battleship. There are enemy fighters circling over ahead and they are moving to attack! Defend your ship from the waves of enemy fighters and they swarm you and try to sink your battleship!
Touchdown Palooza Game

Plays: 4907
Category: Adventure Games
You are the teams head quarterback and this is the last game of the season unless you can manage to throw nothing but pure perfection, think you've got what it takes? Get in there and bring us to state!
Dracula vs Zombies 2 Game

Plays: 4883
Category: Action Games
After defeating the first wave of zombies, Dracula is back and ready to face another hungry hoard of Zombie invaders! This time they brought friends! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games
Dark Samurai Game

Plays: 4869
Category: Action Games
A defiant and agressive dragon has been harassing the people of fupaville making them scared to do anything but the requests of the dragon, Go and free them once and for all from the almighty green fupa dragon! Good Luck!
Quarterback Touchdown Pass Game

Plays: 4866
Category: Sports Games
You are the star quarter back training for the last game of the season, Help yourself and your team by doing passing drills on the field!
Angry Bees Game

Plays: 4433
Category: Action Games
Humans have been roaming your park for weeks spraying smoke at all of your bee colony friends, This has made you very mad, Go and sting all of the smoke spraying humans for making your colony sick! Good luck! Build your own game like this on! Build Your Own Games
Epic Dragon Fighter Game

Plays: 4291
Category: Action Games
The germans have hatched enemy dragon babies, They have sent them towards your country to cause chaos and destruction to your country! Make sure your country goes unharmed under all circumstances, Good luck!
Frankenstein Frenzy Game

Plays: 4181
Category: Action Games
Escape from the laboratory where the evil scientists are trying to keep you contained. You are Frankenstein in this fantastically fun Halloween game. Build your own games like this on!
Solar Flare Game

Plays: 4145
Category: Action Games
Protect the planet earth from devastating solar flares before the planets communications and possibly people lives.
Wizard Wars Game

Plays: 4119
Category: Action Games
You are a heroic light wizard and are at the final battle with the dark wizard, Take him out with your magic spell in order to regain your once owned mage king throne!
Air Control Game

Plays: 4072
Category: Action Games
American embassy has been bombed by terrorist airplanes, There are still more on their way to destruction as well, Shoot them out of the sky before they take out anymore civilians! Hoorah!
Stealth Bomber 2 Game

Plays: 4003
Category: Action Games
After your success with your last stealth missions you have been ordered to take out some enemy military, that hold intel of America's plans for war! Take them out!
Nerds vs Jocks Game

Plays: 3938
Category: Sports Games
A group of jocks decide to pick on the wrong nerd, This particular nerd happends to study black magic and decides to fight back with the jocks, Take out the mean jocks before you are pelted with footballs!

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Tips: For things like scopes or hands which are either on or can go to the edge of the screen you should go to Player|Advanced and change the Bounds parameter to around 10 or so. This will give you a point based bounding box instead of a auto bounding box.