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Online paddle Games
metal cube maniya Game

Plays: 1865
Category: BoardGame Games
Metal Cube Mania is an age old game, but designed with more challenging levels and excellent graphics. The game is well known for a casual time pass and is most challenging for the strategic game lovers. Player needs to control the paddle to hit the bricks and damage them that leads to completely demolishing them. The game packed with stunning 25 levels and submittable score to challenge the world.
Gummy Pop 4 Game

Plays: 1844
Category: Action Games
Gummy Pop 4. Try to handle all four mushrooms at once while bouncing a spinning acorn against cute little candy bears.
Hexbricks Game

Plays: 1837
Category: Puzzles Games
A ball game where you must eliminate hexagonal bricks by bouncing balls off them. You can orbit your paddle 360 degrees around the bricks.
Paddle Shooter Game

Plays: 1836
Category: Action Games
This is a super cool minigame.
Arkanoid Game

Plays: 1801
Category: Action Games
Smash the bricks with the ball with mind bending graphics and cool new powers!
SpaceSmasher Game

Plays: 1798
Category: Action Games
Welcome to a good old Arkanoid/Breakout style game ressurected with new game elements, fancier graphics and sparkling sound. Featuring 30 levels,2 bosses and a SHOP between levels where you can purchase different upgrades for gold you earn during play.
BloxxShooter Game

Plays: 1761
Category: Action Games
In this little Game the User have to push a ball with a paddle in this way, that the ball hits several blocks all over the gamearea.
Blocz Game

Plays: 1755
Category: Action Games
An awesome new twist on the classic pong game. Smash blocks and collect powerups to see if you can get a high score! If you like this game PM me and I can make a much better version.
Bubble BreakOut Game

Plays: 1734
Category: Action Games
Bubble Breakout is a bubble game where you have to hit all bubbles to proceed to the next level. Collect shards for a powerball and use green powerups to upgrade the paddle. Can you finish all 10 levels?
Zoozy Pop Quattro Game

Plays: 1724
Category: Action Games
Zoozy Pop has gone to the extreme with four whale-paddles at once! Try to remove all those cute little animals from the screen while juggling all four whales with your bouncing acorn. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from
Zoozy Pop Trio Game

Plays: 1716
Category: Action Games
Zoozy Pop Trio has you controlling three separate whales while bouncing an acorn-ball to try to get all the cute little animals off the screen.
Bounce Game

Plays: 1706
Category: Action Games
Just how long can you keep a plethora of balls from falling from the sky, using only a little paddle and your mouse? Game designed by
JugglePong Game

Plays: 1643
Category: Action Games
See how many balls you can juggle, PONG style! The more the are, the higher your score multiplier.
Retronoid Game

Plays: 1638
Category: Action Games
Classic arkanoid break out style arcade game, use your paddle to hit ball and breaks brick and gain power ups.

Plays: 1579
Category: Sports Games
Move the paddle according to the ball movements using mouse with out loosing the ball.
Free Paddle Wack Game

Plays: 1545
Category: Action Games
Play a game in the same vein as the classic Arknoid and Breakout games.
Paddle Wack Game

Plays: 1532
Category: Action Games
Enter game descripton.
3D Pong Game

Plays: 1501
Category: Action Games
FWG 3D Pong is based on the same rules as pong, except for the 3D twist. Try to bounce the ball back towards the red team, but away from its paddle. Every time you bounce the ball back you gain 10 points. Every time the red team misses the ball you gain 100 points and vice versa.
Brick Suppression Game

Plays: 1420
Category: Action Games
Use the paddle to knock balls into the bricks and break them.Use special ball types to keep smashing bricks and keep them from crossing the red line.
Block the Blocks Game

Plays: 1402
Category: Action Games
A game where you move a paddle to block the blocks.

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Tips: Setting the opponent movement speed to zero can give you a platform for you to do your own animation instead the opponent graphic. You could make an opponent popup and then hide again using animation instead of the built in movement.