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Fist Pumpin
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Bird Shooting
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Retro Attack
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Online worm Games
Worm Massacre Game

Plays: 3179
Category: Shooting
The moles have been at war with the worms of Wormonia for several years and it is about time they unleash their rath on the worms. Join the moles on their Worm Massacre in the super fun Pulado game.
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Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy Game

Plays: 18187
Category: Multiplayer Games
Free roaming, action packed, top down, space RPG. Either playing for Humans or Aliens, battle your way up the ranks by doing various types of missions, buying and upgrading ships, buying and installing a large range of weapons and utilities, creating gangs, mining asteroids, and also fighting against real people from around the world in the multiplayer sectors. There is a large galaxy to explore, divided int 400 sectors containing space stations, planets, black holes, worm holes and more. Player stats and other game info at:
Whiteworm Game

Plays: 2705
Category: Other Games
Whiteworm and the red pixel...
Pearl Worm Game

Plays: 30406
Category: Action Games
A very beautiful worm game, with some more action than in normal worm games.
Caterpillar v 1.0 Game

Plays: 22310
Category: Other Games
Simple & Addictive game, where you control a caterpillar to collect apples and score as much as you can !
Bulldozer Snake Game

Plays: 19610
Category: Action Games
Drive your Bulldozer, collect various items, deliver cargo to the base. And don't run out of fuel. Power-ups and progressive multiplier for unbroken sequence of gathered items gives you a chance to win the challenge. The musical environment directly depends on the length of the Bulldozer Snake's tail. The longer your tail is the more fragments of music composition you hear. Discover them all. A fresh sight on classic game mechanics.
Deep Creatures in Mayan Caves Game

Plays: 15265
Category: Fighting Games
Become a deep creature, a warrior from the underworld, fight against dangerous creatures along amazing levels from the dark jungle to the deeps of the mayan caves, look for the giant worm boss and get your treasure back.
Effing Worms Game

Plays: 9842
Category: Action Games
NOW WITH UPGRADES!! Eat shitloads of stick figures playing as gigantic worm. Maybe if you eat enough people, you’ll grow up to be big and fat like daddy worm. See how big you can become. If you want a sequel, leave some feedback of what you want to see!
Friggin Bugs Game

Plays: 8625
Category: Action Games
Bugs are attacking your colony of eggs, you must defend it with your life, kill bugs and eat them to evolve and become and stronger, evolve all the way to become the strongest bug of them all and save your colony from those dastardly evil bugs! and stop the evil plot of the lion!
ef the game Game

Plays: 8500
Category: Puzzles Games
Eat, grow, discover new worlds and creatures... Follow the white arrows to find new locations
Block Worm Game

Plays: 8350
Category: Puzzles Games
Guide the dropping egg blocks into place and forming complete worms. A version of the classic game of tetris!
Stick-Point-Oh! Game

Plays: 8163
Category: Action Games
You're Huey! A small stick man, with big guns, and a rather big head too! Kill your foes, Collect marbles, and upgrade to crazy cool weapons like the Worm Blaster and Lucky Machete Launcher!

Plays: 7915
Category: BoardGame Games
Move your Banzai Worm around avoiding all bombs and stuff. Pick up little dots that give you the power to grow.
Pearl Worm 2 Game

Plays: 7908
Category: Action Games
Pearl Worm 2 is back. Unique challenges you have never seen before combined with the greatest snake game ever. Ready to get addicted?
life of a KILLER WORM Game

Plays: 7193
Category: Action Games
get to the portal quick!
3D WORM Game

Plays: 6555
Category: Action Games
Collect the apples and grow up your worm.
Gravitee 2 Game

Plays: 6284
Category: Sports Games
Gravitee is back! Play through 40 levels of Interstellar Golf. Gravitee 2 features 4 different game play types and 90 awards to win.
Worm Happy Game

Plays: 6012
Category: Adventure Games
Remake of the classical snake game with daily global high scores. Simple, fast, and addictive. In the game, you are a worm and must eat the strawberries. Each strawberry you eat makes you a little bigger. Be careful because worms are dumb and you'll eat yourself if given the chance. Don't run the worm into the wall, or his own tail: you die.
Data Worm Game

Plays: 5895
Category: Action Games
Become a data mining worm in this fast paced game. It's easy to learn and extremely addicting.
Easter Snake Game

Plays: 5731
Category: Action Games
Use the arrow keys to help the snake eat all the easter eggs and collect score in the way.

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Tips: Weapon speed can be set to zero and it will effectively create a mine.