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Online trash Games
The Amazing Fix - The Veteran's House Game

Plays: 29458
Category: Puzzles Games
Someone doesn't know how to take care of their mansion. They have allowed trash to be dispersed throughout the property and because of this rodents, bugs, and several animals have come to munch on the trash left ot. Now they want it cleaned and it is your duty to clean there house fast and with the least amount of clicks as possible! Be quick and try and make a lot of money!
Cupcake Frenzy Game

Plays: 15184
Category: Action Games
In the game Cupcake Frenzy you are the ultimate baker and must serve your customers fast and get their orders correct! You will be rushed as customers approach your cash register and ask for a specific cupcake from your delicious bakery. You will then create the cupcake by first clicking the correct cupcake base, cream or sauce, toppings, and finally click the customer to give him the cupcake and collect the money. If you created the wrong cupcake the customer will not take it, and you will need to click the trash bin to dump it and start all over again! As the game progresses you will obtain more and more customers making it more difficult to keep up. Make your bakery the talk of the town and start playing Cupcake Frenzy!
Ragdoll Space Shooter Game

Plays: 13758
Category: Shooting Games
The Ragdoll Space Wolves are invading the Rabbits Galaxy! Kill them all in your spaceship, collect useful powerups, avoid asteroids and space trash and destroy the bosses to save the Galaxy.
One Wheel Frenzy Game

Plays: 12986
Category: Driving Games
This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down and all that stuff is blocking your way. You have to learn to ride your one wheel bike quickly before losing your balance for good. You play as a creepy circus clown trying to avoid all trash comming your way. As the game speeding up, keeping him on the track would be more difficult. Will you reach the apocalyptic Moon surface? There are two game difficulties to choose from, normal and hard. In the hard one you can't jump but you get twice more points when you finished.
Trash Wars Game

Plays: 11302
Category: Action Games
There's a city-wide garbage strike and the public has been told to dump their trash at public dump sites across the city. As the weeks passed, rats began invading the trash piles. You must protect a dump site from being overrun with rats before the infestation gets out of control!
Garbage Truck Game

Plays: 10316
Category: Driving Games
Collect the wastes and haul them to the treatment facility. The faster you do the run, the more you get paid. It's as simple as that! Upgrade your trash truck or even change you truck for a bigger one to collect more waste and drive faster to the destination.
Demolish Truck 2 Game

Plays: 9112
Category: Action Games
Drive your truck, collect all the stars, trash the other cars under your massive wheels and try to beat the high score!
Star Trash Game

Plays: 8009
Category: Action Games
Space, the final frontier... well, it would have been nice that galaxy would have been non-accessible to humanity because these crew is really going to mess the things. Get prepared to make a lot of really "good" friends defending a lot of planets from other races with your crazy army. Nobody like the humans to respect other cultures and civilizations...
Treasure Trash Game

Plays: 6781
Category: Education Games
The city of Cuba is facing a lot of problems with people throwing trash everywhere. In order to make the city clean again, the mayor has decided to give treasure as a reward. This treasure will be given to a person who collects the highest quantity of trash in the city. If you want to win this treasure collect as much trash as you can in the given time.
Star Trash: Collapse Game

Plays: 6366
Category: Action Games
Destroy the Ultimate Spaceship Bomb before the countdown finish and blow up the entire universe.
Trash Racer Game

Plays: 5478
Category: Driving Games
Find all the trash and place it in there respective bins as fast as you can!
Starmageddon Game

Plays: 4836
Category: Action Games
Those evil aliens are at it again, invading our little corner of the galaxy once more, trying to conquer the Earth, enslave all mankind and in a word, whatnot. Will they never learn that here on Earth we have an endless supply of fighter jocks with the right stuff to trash their entire armada from a single man spacecraft? Oh well, I suppose you'd better get out there and show them who's the boss...
Garbage Grab Game

Plays: 4622
Category: Action Games
Grab and fill the trash , have 6 level have to be done
Ratatouille cafe Game

Plays: 4153
Category: Strategy Games
The player will have all the food items. The player needs to serve the customers with the food item of their choice before the customer’s time is over. When the customer is out of time, the customer will leave the shop and the player’s CS bar will reduce. If the player fails to deliver the item which is prepared, that item goes to trash which again reduces the customer service bar.
GoGreen Game

Plays: 3916
Category: Other Games
Your goal is to sort out as much litter as you can during the given time.
Rosie Likes Popsicles Game

Plays: 3716
Category: Adventure Games
Rosie is a seagull. Rosie likes popsicles. Find popsicles for Rosie.
Garbage truck Game

Plays: 3643
Category: Driving Games
Collect the wastes and haul them to the treatment facility. The faster you do the run, the more you get paid. It's as simple as that! Upgrade your trash truck or even change you truck for a bigger one to collect more waste and drive faster to the destination.
DinoKids - Trash Typer Game

Plays: 3494
Category: Action Games
DinoKids - Trash Typer is a simple, fun and educative mini game. With a cute dinosaur character you can type the text and destroy the trash that is falling into the sea.
Save the Smokers Game

Plays: 3461
Category: Puzzles Games
Save the smokers by throwing their cigarrets in the trash can!
Alien Abduction Game

Plays: 3457
Category: Adventure Games
Navigate around destructive trash and avoid hordes of seagulls to capture unsuspecting humans before the clock runs out!

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Tips: Setting the opponent movement speed to zero can give you a platform for you to do your own animation instead the opponent graphic. You could make an opponent popup and then hide again using animation instead of the built in movement.