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Online math Games
Lee-Lee's Quest Game

Plays: 20807
Category: Adventure Games
Embark on an epic journey to save your girlfriend! Well, she's not actually your girlfriend, or a girl, or your friend. But she needs saving... maybe. Anyway, as the protagonist of Lee Lee's Quest you'll walk and jump from left to right, like the many heroes who went before you, on a platforming adventure to defeat the Boss. But trust us, take some time to enjoy the back-talk and math jokes. Have fun!
Bulls & Cows Game

Plays: 12316
Category: Puzzles Games
The old, classic game of logic and deduction upon which Master Mind is most probably based!
Maths Frenzy Game

Plays: 5743
Category: Puzzles Games
This is a game to test one's maths and ability to solve 'simple' maths questions.
Vowel Movement Game

Plays: 5457
Category: Puzzles Games
A combinatorial optimisation game in the same family as Master Mind, Bulls&Cows and Thugs&Bowmen. Test your logic and deduction skills by challenging the computer!
Math Solitaire Game

Plays: 9473
Category: Puzzles Games
Math Solitaire is a brain game. In this game, you will be given 5 solitaire cards. Your goal is to get the value of the 5th card by operating the first 4 cards with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each of the first 4 cards must be used once and only once.
Math Cross Search 5x5 Game

Plays: 6804
Category: BoardGame Games
Find the chosen sum by diagonally, horizontally, or vertically circling a group of numbers. Beat the clock and score as many points possible!
Math Lines Game

Plays: 1108946
Category: Puzzles Games
If you enjoyed Marble lines but love math then look no further! In the game of Math Lines it is your job to get rid of all the balls before it reaches the hole. When the balls you shoot and the balls beside it add up to 10, these balls will be destroyed. You can also destroy a group of same numbered balls with only one ball. When you destroy all the balls you can proceed to the next level, but be careful because if you take to long or are unable to match many balls up they will fall in the hole and you will lose! Fun game tip: Occasionally there will be coins that appear on the screen, you can shoot the coins to get the colours of the balls sorted for a while which will help you a lot! Also you can use the space bar to swap out balls. This game is sure to sharpen and quicken your math skills as well as provide an immense amount of fun!
Maths Workout Game

Plays: 37798
Category: Education Games
A simple and easy game to test your maths skills!
Click The Frog Game

Plays: 35173
Category: Action Games
Click The Frog is small but awesome speed test game. It’s based on simple and fun collection of 12 unique mini-games which involves the player during the gaming experience. Each mini-game is designed to test reaction, reflexes and quickness of player.
Number Twins Game

Plays: 30848
Category: Puzzles Games
Number Twins is a super fun matching game! In this game you are presented with a grid of different numbered balls of which are numbered from one to nine. Your mission is to match all the balls that add up to ten. A paire of balls can only be matched if they can be connected by a line that turns at most twice. If you are able to match the balls with a star on them, then the balls wil lsort by color making it easier for you to spot matches. Be fast and use strategy for the faster you finish the higher your score will be!
Number Balls Game

Plays: 21339
Category: Puzzles Games
If you like math and numbers than Number Balls is a great game for you! Keep your eyes peeled and click the balls in ascending order. Be careful, there are negative numbers thrown in the mix to confuse you. The faster you are the higher your score will be. Prove to yourself and others that you are a math matician in number balls!
DropSum Game

Plays: 16271
Category: Puzzles Games
Addictive puzzle game that tells you how clever or dumb you are after you've played.
Puzazzle Game

Plays: 15295
Category: BoardGame Games
An awesome puzzle game with slick graphics, that's partially inspired by scrabble, and jig-saw puzzles.
DinoKids - Math Game

Plays: 14860
Category: BoardGame Games
DinoKids - Math is simple, fun and educative mini game. You can solve simple math and compete the score.
Add 'em Up Game

Plays: 14406
Category: Puzzles Games
Have a Blast and Sharpen the Mind! You've never had this much fun combining strategy, concentration, and basic adding. Clearing the board may seem easy to start, but given the limited moves or the ticking clock, you'll have to stay sharp and look for the best spots to eliminate all the tiles you can.
Carpenter's Cut Game

Plays: 14239
Category: Education Games
A puzzle based game where you must cut the pieces of wood into the required cuts.
Gajollop Game

Plays: 13396
Category: Puzzles Games
Click on squares to cycle through colors/values until rows and columns add to totals shown.
Math Test Game

Plays: 13350
Category: Education Games
It is time for the math exam. You will have just 1 minute to answer as many questions as possible.
Monkey Math Balance Game

Plays: 12375
Category: Puzzles Games
Balance the scales
Dress Up Math Game

Plays: 12251
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress Up the girl with tops, bottoms, and shoes. Use Math to spend exactly the Goal amount to advance to the next level.

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