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Online carnival Games
Clown Squirt Game

Plays: 4345
Category: Shooting
Shoot the clown in the mouth. Make sure you are quick and rid the screen of as many clown heads as possible in Pulados rendition of the classic carnival game Clown Squirt.
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Twisted Carnival Game

Plays: 3630
Category: Shooting
Welcome to the twisted carnival. Enter all rides at your own risk and hopefully you make it out alive!
Super Pitcher Game

Plays: 28152
Category: Shooting Games
You don't have to shoot a handgun in order to be enshrined in the hall of fame for sharpshooters - aim and shoot all designated objects and get the rewards in the fair, and you know you will be adored. This game opens with a page stating the valid and wrong targets of the round. Press the Continue button on the screen to start the game, and you will be given three rows of moving targets, scrolling from right to left. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot the baseball. You may hit multiple objects by using a single baseball and this will bring you a higher score. The objects will move at a faster pace when you advance in the game. Remember not to fire at the invalid objects as one life will be deducted if you do so. If a 1 Up target appears, you may knock it down to get one extra life. You will lose if all 3 lives are gone, so mind your aim in order to survive. The board on the right shows the remaining seconds, your current score, and other related information including the number of throws, hits and misses, plus the percentage of accuracy, the number of targets hit and the completeness of the level, and your score will be calculated based on these data. Hit the bull's eyes and win a prize for your beloved!
Carnival -2 Game

Plays: 22261
Category: Dress-Up Games
Carnival coloring page game
Carnival -1 Game

Plays: 21286
Category: Dress-Up Games
Carnival coloring page game
Carnival Tycoon - fastpass Game

Plays: 16445
Category: Strategy Games
Become the manager of your own carnival. Build attractions, stalls and scenery. Hire staff and keep your guests happy :).
Jimmy Halloween Game

Plays: 13200
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress Up Jimmy Halloween Jimmy has no idea what he should wear to the Halloween Party where he is invited to Can you help Jimmy to find a scary or funny costume. You can choose between several items Jimmy has found in his cellar and on the garret.
Carnival Star Game

Plays: 7916
Category: Shooting Games
“Shoot out the Star” and more in this classic carnival game! This shooter is more about patience and skill than quick reflexes. Wield your fully automatic BB rifle to earn prizes in this updated version of the timeless game found in fairgrounds, midways, and carnivals the world over!
BushyBush Game

Plays: 7481
Category: Fighting Games
Hit George Bush!
Carnival in Rio Game

Plays: 6845
Category: Dress-Up Games
Have fun dressing up for the Carnival in Rio. Dress up with fun masks and costumes and join this famous carnival party in Brazil!
Carnival Game

Plays: 6167
Category: Education Games
A virtual carnival I created for a assignment at uni. The music is track 01, "Welcome To Mario Party" by Yoshihrio Tsukahara from "Mario Party 8"
Carnival Showdown Game

Plays: 6138
Category: Shooting Games
Roll up, roll up, for the Carnival Showdown! Get your gun, flex that twitchy trigger finger, and become the best shooter in town.
Antoine Dodson Blast Game

Plays: 5974
Category: Shooting Games
Sick of hearing all the remakes of Antoine Dodson. Well get ready to lock and load and blast this fool away.
Carnival Shoot-Out Game

Plays: 5273
Category: Action Games
Hit as many moving objects as you can! Get enough points to advance to the next level!
Bottle Shooter Game

Plays: 4912
Category: Shooting Games
This is a classic shooting circus game. Shoot beer bottles for points!
Carnival -3 Game

Plays: 4748
Category: Dress-Up Games
Carnival coloring page game
Match Your Strength Game

Plays: 4152
Category: Adventure Games
Jake is visiting a carnival; he wants to measure his strength. Before that Jake needs to increase his power by matching the bulbs. Help Jake match the bulbs and check his strength.
Fair Shooter Game

Plays: 3746
Category: Shooting Games
Shoot as precise and fast as you can in the Carnival Shooter game.
carnival of hell Game

Plays: 3459
Category: Action Games
Shooting gallery game. Eliminate all the monsters and protect the humans in this skills game set in a mysterious victorian setting. Complete the story mode and you'll access the unlimited mode for maximum score (unlocked in the demo) Scoreboard enabled.
Zombieland Game

Plays: 3368
Category: Adventure Games
Stop the onslaught of carnival zombies with nothing but a baseball bat, a decent pitcher and a range of dangerous balls.

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