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Online bunny Games
Hoppers Garden Escape Game

Plays: 4114
Category: Adventure
Escape the farmers raging army of harvesters before they make bunny soup of you!
Tags: , , , , , , , ,
Bugs Bunny 1 Game

Plays: 11973
Category: Puzzles Games
An amusing puzzle game
Bunni: How we first met Game

Plays: 56207
Category: Adventure Games
Find love and adventure on the magical Island of Bunni! Rebuild the island, plant trees and flowers, and collect a bustling village of adorable animals. Can you marry your true love?
Bunny Adventure Game

Plays: 25659
Category: Adventure Games
Play as Ozzy the bunny and fight to escape the dungeon to get him back home.
Bunny Battle Game

Plays: 22252
Category: Action Games
DESCRIPTIONS ONE SENTENCE Help Rabbit King keep Big Green safe from High Roller and his group of enemies as you battle your way to safety. ONE PARAGRAPH Big Green is under attack by High Roller and his group of enemies, this time it’s a jump rope challenge. Bump the enemies out of the stage to defeat them and keep Big Green safe! FULL DESCRIPTION Rabbit King is the master of the jump rope! Help him save Big Green from High Roller and his group of enemies by knocking, bumping and wiping your opponents out of the ring to save Big Green. Use the arrow keys to control the jump roping Rabbit King and bump the enemies out of the arena to advance through the levels. If you think you have what it takes to defeat all the enemies and save Big Green? Play Bunny Battle and find out! BULLETS • 9 levels of quick action! • Earn trophies and bragging rights with your friends!
Easter Egg Hunt Game

Plays: 21854
Category: Puzzles Games
Happy Easter everyone!! Welcome to the yearly Easter egg hunt!! Use the magnify glass to search the area for all the hidden eggs. 3 levels of egg hunting, with each level releasing more eggs for you to find! Can you find them all?
Bunny Bonbon Game

Plays: 19602
Category: Action Games
Get ready to Bomp in this truly unique switching game with a stomping beat. Match rows of Bomps of the same colour to clear them away in this addictive puzzle game. Beware of the ticking bombs and use the Star-Bombs to create Amazing special combinations that light up the screen.
Hot Christmas Girls Game

Plays: 19490
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up the hot Christmas girl,make her to be fashionable and attractive,otherwise the Father Christmas will not take her to send presents to people.
Lollibunny Dress Up Game

Plays: 17780
Category: Dress-Up Games
Lollibunny is an ordinary girl with a big imagination. She lives in a fantasy land where bunnies and kitties are more than just your average house pet. She loves spending time with her bunny and kitty friends at the park and local cafes. She enjoys living in a land where both humans and animals can co-exist harmoniously and be able to interact with each other the way humans do.
Easter Golf Game

Plays: 16969
Category: Sports Games
Excellent Easter Golf game! Includes bunnies!
Bugs Bunny Dressup Game

Plays: 16645
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this cute model of Bugs Bunny. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Jumping Bunny Game

Plays: 15573
Category: Adventure Games
Jump your Bunny as high and far as you can.
Dress up Yuki Game

Plays: 14441
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this cute little manga girl.
bunnybounty Game

Plays: 13094
Category: Shooting Games
Imagine your classic whack-a-mole game only with steroids, and bunnies for moles, and they're really really hungry for the farm crops that you're hired to protect. You're a pest exterminator. Your specialty? Bunnies. Your clients?Angry, frustrated, and altogether utterly helpless farmers who struggle against endless waves of savage bunny barbarians who loot and plunder their farm yields. Scare off, deter and well, if you really have to, neutralize as many bunnies as you can with your trusty weapon!Good luck!
Beach Volleyball Game

Plays: 12905
Category: Sports Games
Here’s the chance to Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of a lovely tropical beach while you play volley-ball on it The only rule that guides you here is the to hit the ball hard enough.
Emo Cheap Bunny Plush Game

Plays: 10939
Category: Dress-Up Games
Dress up this bunny plushy with the emo clothes.
Easter Basket Design Game

Plays: 10665
Category: Customize Games
Happy Easter everyone!! Welcome to the Easter Basket Design! A place where you can be creative and create the greatest Easter baskets of all time. Pick and click the various layers, ribbon, grass, and other accessories to make the most fantastic Easter basket known! For a hoppy good time!
Where's Bunny? Game

Plays: 10524
Category: Puzzles Games
You're in New York City with your pal, Bunny, but he keeps scurrying away to go off exploring! New York can be a dangerous place for a little rabbit all on his own. You never can seem to catch him, but you can use your trusty digital camera to snap his picture and have peace of mind that he's alright. Oh - and every scene you clear will give you a clue as to where Bunny will travel to in the next edition of "Where's Bunny?"
Bunny Charm Game

Plays: 10140
Category: Action Games
The game takes place in an imaginary desktop and you incarnate a bunny that looks only for one thing: Defend him self and survive the massive enemy attacks. As the game gets more difficult, more enemies will rise to attack you. To defend your self you'll be able to upgrade your weapon through Damage, Rate of Fire and Pushback, allowing different strategies to take place. Also, you'll be able to buy and plant traps around the levels, which may damage, freeze, poison or explode your enemies! Don't you just love it!!!! "Let them come!" we say! :) Last but not less important is that Bunny Charm has its own Achievement system bound to a local_data savefile, with more than 10 basic achievements.
Easter Bunny Dress Up Game

Plays: 9568
Category: Dress-Up Games
Happy Easter everyone!! Welcome to the Easter Bunny Dress Up! A place where you can be creative and create the cutest Easter Bunny of all time. Pick and click the various layers, ribbon, shirts, and other accessories to make the most fantastic Easter bunny known! For a hoppy good time!

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Tips: For games that do not involve explosions when you destroy an opponent you can change the explosion graphic to a modified version of the opponent graphic. For example if you are shooting rabbits the explosion graphic can be a dead rabbit.