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Online Paper Games
Paper Planes Game

Plays: 4147
Category: Strategy
Fly a paper plane and fight evil plane
Grandmas Revenge Game

Plays: 3047
Category: Shooting
Grandma Sandy is sick and tired of those dag nabbin children toilet papering her home. Help her unleash the rath of granny on the children by throing her shoes at them in this super fun Pulado game Grandmas revenge.
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Paper Plane War Game

Plays: 2904
Category: Action
Tags: , , , , ,
Paper War Planes Game

Plays: 1782
Category: Adventure
Paper War 2 began after Germany attacked Europe.
Holly Hobby Dollhouse Game

Plays: 14905
Category: Customize Games
Holly wants you to help her decorate her super cool dollhouse! Lay out your very own dream house and then print out a paper version of the house, Holly, and her friends to play with! Move that bookcase to a different room and don't forget about Holly's guitar and laptop! There's also a claw foot tub and a big pink chair that looks super comfy. This is a fun game with lots of choices for kids to move stuff around with the mouse and decorate space the way they desire.
Anime Character Generator Game

Plays: 118260
Category: Customize Games
A useful tool to create female anime-themed characters.
Paper Train Game

Plays: 29868
Category: Driving Games
Control railway traffic without crashing any trains.
Baby Blimp Game

Plays: 28695
Category: Other Games
As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. Youda Baby Blimp is a highly addictive Priority management game. You are the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible. Keep track of your achievements on a map that shows you your upcoming as well as your overall objectives. During the course of this game you will be able to upgrade your storks. You can strengthen them or increase their speed. Collect all the bonuses: the twin bonus and even the quadruplet bonus. It might even get you into the headlines of tomorrows paper! The Baby blimp is a factory way up in the sky. It is run and operated by storks. As we all know they are the ones that deliver babies. Firstly they prepare the babies, so that the newborns will arrive neat and clean at their new parents. After preparation Storks deliver the babies to each family with a wish for a baby. There is a special air force that handles the delivery. As it happens the Stork in charge has retired and the factory is without guidance. Its up to you to assign the storks to their everyday tasks and make sure that all babies are delivered according to the wishes. While you are doing so you can make many different types of combos to earn more points. But there is more you can also climb in rank by making combos in the delivery force. On top of it all you will be able to handle the baby boom so well that you will get some Stork lifetime achievements, trophies and rewards!
Paper Golf II EX Game

Plays: 17085
Category: Sports Games
How good is your visual memory and hand-eye coordination? Challenge six 9-hole courses of increasing difficulty. Once you're done, visit to play user-created levels and make your own!
Paper Planes Game

Plays: 14073
Category: Action Games
Control the paper plane to avoid the obstacles while descending. One person can play alone in two different game modes, or two players can race each other in race mode.The steeper the angle, the faster the plane will go.
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Game

Plays: 10895
Category: Puzzles Games
Rock paper scissors is an old game, but now it has a new twist. Play the new game, now with the added power of Spock and a lizard. Have fun with this revamped classic.
Sketch's World - The Neighborhood Game

Plays: 10485
Category: Adventure Games
Sketch lives in a wonderful world drawn on notebook paper. But, mean erasers are trying to erase his world. Help Sketch collect pencils and paints to help save his world in this fun platform game for kids.
Drag The Toilet Paper Game

Plays: 9556
Category: Action Games
Drag the whole roll of toilet paper as quick as you can.
Mash: My Life Game

Plays: 9517
Category: Other Games
A popular paper game called Mash where you find out your "future life" now on the internet!
Boss Rush Game

Plays: 9133
Category: Action Games
Ever felt like bullet-hell shoot-em-ups weren't really terribly fair? After all, you fight horrific bosses, capable of covering the screen with deadly attacks, while they absorb hundreds of direct hits. Meanwhile you seem to be stuck in a tiny fighter-craft made of tissue paper, with what feels like a pea-shooter for a weapon. Well no more. It's time to find out what life is like on the other side of the warning message. It's time to be the Boss.
Paperball Olympics Game

Plays: 8576
Category: Sports Games
In this game, the objective, using the mouse, is to throw paper balls at a target drawn on the back of a shaved man's head. The closer to the center, the better the score. Every time a paper ball misses, a game life is lost. When they reach zero, the score is submitted. Ready to go for that highscore?
Flashteroids 3D Game

Plays: 8175
Category: Action Games
Flashteroids is a 3D Flash 9 shooter based on the Papervision engine. In the game your object is to destroy as many astroids and various other enemies for points. At the end of each level points can be used to purchase upgrades.
Paper Warfare Game

Plays: 7918
Category: Action Games
The planet earth is under attack. Fortunately, we have these advance battle suit to fight back. Engage and destroy incoming alien transports and shutdown their mothership. Give them hell.
HeadSpin: Storybook Game

Plays: 7266
Category: Puzzles Games
Take a walk through a magical pop-up storybook, testing your visual awareness skills against the clock. This beautifully illustrated game will keep you addicted for hours!
Rock Lee Paper Scissors Game

Plays: 7088
Category: Fighting Games
Play rock, paper scissors with rock lee

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