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  Xtreme Sky Fighter A Free Online Game
BACKSLASH A Free Online Game
Pie Mr Gaddafi A Free Online Game
Pie Mr Gaddafi
Zombie Death Match A Free Online Game
Zombie Death Match
the man of breakin A Free Online Game
the man of breakin
Rocks in Space A Free Online Game
Rocks in Space
Runningback Challenge A Free Online Game
Runningback Challenge

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Grid Games Game

Plays: 22545
Category: Puzzles Games
Four Grid Games from the WeirdBeard Incubator Program. Four variations on a known concept. Vote which variation you like best! The WeirdBeard Incubator Program helps starting developers create new games.
Police Monster Truck Game

Plays: 9195
Category: Action Games
Drive this Police Monster Truck and crush some cars! Collect the coins and complete all levels as quickly as you can. Do not crash your Police Monster Truck.
Badass Free Game

Plays: 7864
Category: Action Games
"This games is very fun and ... Funny plus it has a challenge to it and its one of those games were u lose so what il do it again. It's that fun" - Fjj "This game is beyond amazing, very addicting!" - F.M.S.Z "Bon concept, amusant" - Flo87000 ??Who's the King of Action Games? Challenge with huge waves of diverse micro-action games!! ??Poke, squeeze, shake, cut and drag FTW! Use your instinct to play in 5 seconds or less!! ----------------------- ?Game Overview? ----------------------- ? King of Action Games Touch and tilt the screen to do all kinds of badass things! Lift up skirts, activate fire alarms, shoot streetlights, crack treasure chests, burn ants... and at the end of each level you'll face one final kick-ace boss!! ? 5 seconds Faster than fast! Quicker than quick! Poke, squeeze, shake, cut and drag FTW! Use your instinct to challenge games in 5 seconds or less! Your finger becomes a sword when you need to cut. it turns to fire when you want to burn. And it is a rock when you're gonna smash things!! ?Fresh challenges, Available on Demand Your fingers begging for more? Keep Badass new and exciting with new games coming to you on a regular basis!! ?Online Bragging Rights With Game Center, Twitter and Facebook support, share your high scores online! See how you measure yourself against the entire world or even just against your facebook friends!! ----------------------- ?Micro-action Game Madness? ----------------------- ·Time Flies - Tear off the calendar to a certain date(best way to skip weekdays) ·Stem the Rose - Awww! ·Falling Pots - Push pots to hit pedestrians. ·Face Painting - Draw something! ·Unweaving - Pull out the thread to unweave sweaters. ·Santa Girl - Give kids Santa clothing as gifts. ·Insomnia - Make sheep jump over hurdles. ·Marksman - Shoot the apple on your boss's head. ·Skirt Flip - Race through the corridor and flip up school girls' skirts! ?There're 100+ challenges waiting for you! How about poking snail eyes, squeezing toothpastes, stealing fruits, and breaking furniture! Read more: Follow us: @appannie on Twitter | AppAnnie on Facebook
Lonely Penguin Game

Plays: 4794
Category: Action Games
A puzzle platformer about a penguin who travels through different levels to reach hislove. Use your skills and do not touch the pink penguin until you touched the whiteblock to cool down. Score points for each level you complete, the faster you are the morepoints you will score. Remember, when you retry a level you will lose points. Lonely Penguin is a fun high quality puzzle platformer game, good luck.
Beautiful Flowers - Find The Numbers Game

Plays: 4540
Category: Rhythm Games is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through
Girls Room Hidden Object Game

Plays: 4353
Category: Adventure Games
A new type of Hidden Object game developed by
I Will Die Game

Plays: 4297
Category: Strategy Games
Hi, Greetings from, We are happy to send our new game called "I Will Die", and hope our game meet up with your expectation. The game is submitted without any advertisement. Game details : Game Name : I Will Die Description : I Will Die is a Strategic game with solo sad instrumental theme in the background. He don't want to live without her. So, he decided to die. Help him die to pass each level. Help : Use arrow keys. Category: strategy, physic, action Play it at : SWF at: Entire Game Pack at: (No Ads). File Size: 2.5 mb Dimension: 640 width x 480 height (resizable) Thanks for adding our new games to your site :) Best Regards, Rachel G
Russet-Room-Escape Game

Plays: 4221
Category: Adventure Games is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through
Puzzles Books Room Escape Game

Plays: 4156
Category: Action Games
New Escape game from are developing the games for clients.Contact us through
Archer Smiley Attack Game

Plays: 4061
Category: Action Games
Archer Smiley Attack A.K.A "A.S.A." is an addictive simple game... Click on the bow to start shooting with arrows , more smiley shoot more score!! Enjoy! You know , new games is Oynatarak!!!
Kids Living Room Escape Game

Plays: 3950
Category: Action Games
A new escape game from
Sample Room Escape Game

Plays: 3802
Category: Adventure Games is a gaming website, developing the games for clients.
Revolutionary War TD Game

Plays: 3783
Category: Fighting Games
In the game, you will command your army against the most powerful empire of the world. Features: - game is tower defense type - 30 units army for your select - 6 effects to attack enemies: stun, shock, blood loss, armor break, headshot, 2x damage. - 22 tech to upgrade your army - 10 generals with 10 different skills attack enemies Tutorial: - To receive silver medal and gold medal for unlock next map, you need win at hard difficulty with 3 stars. Only silver medal you will win at normal difficulty with 3 stars
Modern Classic Room Escape Game

Plays: 3753
Category: Action Games
While you are speaking with your friend. Your mom locks you inside the room to prevent you going out. But you and your friend have to go outside. Use some of the clues and object available there to escape from the Modern Classic Room. Use Mouse to interact.
Lake View - Find the Alphabets Game

Plays: 3742
Category: BoardGame Games is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through
Statue Room Escape Game

Plays: 3684
Category: Adventure Games
A new escape game from Need this type of game then contact us through
Puzzle Craze - Water Falls Game

Plays: 3623
Category: Action Games is a new gaming website. We are developing the games for clients.Contact us through
Escape From The Dot Room Game

Plays: 3508
Category: Adventure Games
GamesNovel's new escape game. Play and have a fun. If you need a game then contact us through
Rotate N Rest - Valentine's Flowers Game

Plays: 3376
Category: Action Games
Arrange the pieces correctly to find out the image. To swap the position of a piece, just click on that piece and then on the neighboring one The quicker you complete, the more you score. Use Mouse to Interact.
Toys puzzle room escape Game

Plays: 3295
Category: Education Games is a gaming website.and developing the games for clients.Contact us through

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