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Online music Games
Daft Punk Song Creator Game

Plays: 78417
Category: Other Games
Do you love the awesome techno band Daft Punk? If so than you will absolutely love this Daft Punk Son creator game! This game puts you in the jobs of head men of Daft Punk Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, making insane beats and making people want to dance! You wont want to stop making beats once you start playing this awesome game! So start pumping some beats and lets dance!
Xylophone Master Game

Plays: 28719
Category: Action Games
A rhythm game with a xylophone!
TubeRockers Game

Plays: 9226
Category: Action Games
A rhythm game featuring YouTube videos. Videos may contain strong language. Use arrow keys and A,S,D
Whipix Game

Plays: 6447
Category: Other Games
Save your planet with gravity as a whip...Addicting real-time game with heavenly bodies + a glowing orb, try to hit a combo!
Music Avoid Game

Plays: 5075
Category: Other Games
You are the green note, use the arrows to avoid the red notes.
Clock Day Aftermath Game

Plays: 4188
Category: Other Games
You are StrawberryClock after Clock Day, use the mouse to dodge the spammy entries from Clock Day. Music by David Firth
JamLegend Game

Plays: 54985
Category: Other Games
JamLegend is a guitar rhythm game that allows you to jam like a rock star. With 15 songs, 4 difficulties and rotating bonus content JamLegend is the best way to rock out in your browser.
Jonas Brothers Dress Up Game

Plays: 48467
Category: Dress-Up Games
The Jonas Brothers have caused Pre-teen mayhem with their super awesome music and hits including Love Bug, Year 3000, and so much more. Now you can dress these very attractive men in their spiffy cloths! You will have choices between different pants, shirts accessories and so much more! Make sure they look good for their fans!
Ouran Dress Up Game

Plays: 36862
Category: Dress-Up Games
The gang from Ouran High School Host Club is hanging out in the Third Music Room waiting for you to dress them up. Dress them in their school uniforms and other great outfits to get them ready for their day.
Stick Avalanche 2 Game

Plays: 18468
Category: Action Games
Highly anticipated sequel! Better graphics, better music, better levels, and coop/verses multiplayer mode.
Guitar Geek Game

Plays: 16271
Category: Action Games
Rock your way from the garage to the arena as you aim to become the ultimate Guitar Geek!
Music Bounce Game

Plays: 12588
Category: Puzzles Games
The object of the game is to use bouncing balls to clear all the notes on a stage. Each level has a maximum amount of ball gates you can open. If 50 levels aren't enough for you, check out to play user-created levels and make your own!
The FPS Video Game Quiz Game

Plays: 6851
Category: Shooting Games
A quiz to test your knowledge on FPS's dating back to the 90's to now, Are you good enough to beat it? Also has a scoreboard! And can you find the 6 easter eggs?
Indian Game

Plays: 6307
Category: Other Games
The indian Shankar Drum ganesh machine : create indian music !
Santa Hang Game

Plays: 6034
Category: Other Games
Keep Clicking by throwing santa and adjust ur Eye and Hand co-ordination for a perfect click!
UltiMaze Game

Plays: 5979
Category: Puzzles Games
It's a maze game with five levels, music, menu, ...

Plays: 5899
Category: Puzzles Games
OTTF (One Two Three Four) - a logic game where it is necessary to place the chips, as shown in the game template. The game has two game modes: the play for time and a free regime. In a game more than 70 levels. Pleasant music.
Cubix Game

Plays: 5563
Category: Shooting Games
Cubix is a futuristic tunnel based shooter with crazy colors and amazing music.
Gyroshi Game

Plays: 5487
Category: Other Games
Gyroshi is more of a musical experience than a game. Hit the right letters when they get in the circles. The game will look bland at first but it gets very intense when you're doing good. See how long you can last in this colorful rhythm game.
Pongstuff DX Game

Plays: 5080
Category: Action Games
Pong with 2player, locally saved highscores, music, and more.

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