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2/16/2017 9:02:50 PM

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Free Articles Online » How to Get Rid of Functional Stomach and Bowel Problems How to Get Rid of Functional Stomach and Bowel Problems Published: 24.06.2008 | Author: Aquila | Category: Disease & Illness Many people suffer from unpleasant symptoms from their stomach nike roshe one print femme , like: Constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, cramps, inflated stomach, acid eructation and pain related to such functional problems. This kind of symptoms most often originates from a colon made dysfunctional by bad lifestyle habits. Here are some simple lifestyle advices that may help you get rid of these symptoms.

– Eat food with high plant fibre content. Fibres from the food stimulate the movement of the intestines, and especially of the colon, and help you avoid a stuffed bowel. Whole, unrefined cereals, whole corn bread nike roshe run fleur femme noir , vegetables and fruit will often give you the fibre you need. To get even more fibres, you can add some brand to your daily diet.

-Some herbs or spices can help your intestines to work more efficiently, for example peppermint, buckthorn bark, sienna, cayenne or ginger. However, too much of hot spices can irritate your intestines.

-Drink enough water. A too little water intake will make your stomach content hard and dry, and your intestines will then find difficulties moving the content along.

– One or two cups of coffee or tea each day can help your stomach work better, but very much coffee or tea will give you stomach problems.

-Eat enough, but not too much fat. The right amount of fat in your food will help giving your stomach content the right consistence. Most of the fat you consume should be a mix of fat from sources like olive oil nike roshe one femme mesh noir , fish, rape, nuts, sunflowers and almonds.

-If you suffer from hard stool or constipation, taking for some days a couple tablespoons of linen seeds can help. Suspend the seeds in a glass of water and let it lie in the water some hours before stirring up the content of the glass and drinking it. You can blend a couple tablespoons of brand together with the linen seeds in a glass of water to get the effects of both these remedies at the same time.

-Do not eat too much, but neither too little, and eat at regular intervals. Four meals a day is usually optimal for most persons.

-Don’t eat in a hurry, and chew your food well before swallowing it.

-Get some physical exercise each day.

– Take some time each day to stress down. Meditation is a good method of achieving mental rest.

-Consume some products containing bacteria helping digestion. A healthy colon contains bacteria that help the end part of the digestion process. Yoghourt or other types of fermented milk will provide your colon with seeds for good bacteria. If you do not tolerate milk, or your colonic microbial content needs special attention, you can use products on the market that give a high supply of good bacteria seeds.

-If pure lifestyle measures are not enough to regulate your intestinal function nike roshe one hyperfuse rouge , certain natural products you can find in the market may help. These products typically contain fibre and herbs that stimulate your intestinal functions, oily or mucous substances that lubricate your intestinal content, seeds for digestive friendly bacteria, or herbs that relax cramping.

-Stomach problems may also originate from hypersensitivity against food types, for example against milk or wheat, or from diseases that need treatment. If simple measures do not help after some days, the problem should be medically investigated. Some people suffer from hypersensitivity against the protein gluten in wheat and other cereals. To confirm or disprove this type of hypersensitivity, a medical investigation is needed.

Even though the listed measures should help you get rid of functional stomach problems in some days, the problems will return in some time if you do not change your eating and lifestyle habits permanently and begin exercising on a regular base.


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Pirates Become Fifth Team To Win 10000 NL Games - RealGM Wiretap
The Pittsburgh Pirates edged the Colorado Rockies 5-4 on Thursday night nike roshe one flyknit pas cher , becoming the fifth Major League team to win 10,000 National League games.

Pittsburgh is fifth all time in NL wins behind San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

"Proud franchise," Andrew McCutchen said. "A good milestone."
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